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Topic: If macbeth was still alive show a newspaper article showing the trial that would take place concerning his conviction of murder(INSERT TOWN HERE) – After a long and arduous trial, MacBeth was found guilty by the Brisbane Court House yesterday. The former King of Scotland pleaded not guilty in the (INSERT TOWN HERE) sittings of District Court to murder and premeditated murder.

It was revealed by the defence, that MacBeth was a former battle hardened soldier, who was given the title ?Thane of Cawdor? for his glorious effort on the battlefield. It was also portrayed that MacBeth was a character who set aside concern for his own life, a trait that was quickly dismissed by the prosecution throughout the trial.

It was heard by the jury that, when MacBeth was returning from the battlefield to Duncan?s camp, he first encountered the mysterious and enigmatic three witches. It was here that the prophecy of MacBeth becoming king was announced by the witches. MacBeth testified upon hearing this, that he disbelieved the allegation. However witnesses put forward that when MacBeth arrived back at his castle, he was overheard conspiring with Lady MacBeth regarding Duncan?s murder. Further into the trial it was exposed that MacBeth could not become king, as the Scottish lineage to the throne moves from father to first-born son. However, members from within the same bloodline could lay claim to the throne if Duncan had no living sons. The prosecution then brought forth D.N.A evidence, which revealed that MacBeth was in fact Duncan?s cousin. Since Duncan had already named Malcolm the heir to the Scottish throne, Duncan had to be murdered. Information gathered from a nearby witness shows that at the hour of 12:45 am, Duncan the former king of Scotland lay peacefully in his humble chambers. The prosecution revealed that the servants guarding the kings? bedroom were drugged in order to gain a silent entry. MacBeth then quietly crept towards the king lying asleep. From the evidence revealed in the autopsy of Duncan, and the statement given to police by witnesses, it was discovered that he was stabbed a total of seven times in the chest area causing death to the victim. With murder weapon in hand, MacBeth then continued to murder the two drugged servants to ensure total silence on their part.

A well beloved and honoured king now brutally dead. It was then conveyed by the prosecution that MacBeth proceeded to blame the deaths, on the two dead servants. Friends of Banquo (Loyal friend of MacBeth) testified that Banquo disbelieved the allegation of the servants committing the murder. It was apparent that MacBeth sensed this, as evidence was revealed to prove that he ordered the Banquo?s death at the hands of two assassins. It was then put forward to the jury that in order to hinder any potential heirs to the throne, MacBeth ordered the murder of Mac Duff?s entire family

The jury was informed how at least six counts of murder had been committed by MacBeth. However, many convincing arguments were given by both the defence and the prosecution. The defence brought forth a plea of insanity. Demonstrating that MacBeth saw delusional visions before he committed the murders. They also put forward that his beloved wife led MacBeth to these deranged murders, and that the three witches placed the idea into his mind. The prosecution dismissed this thou as it was proven by their many arguments that MacBeth was insane after he committed the murder of king Duncan.

The prosecution accused MacBeth in that he was in a sane state of mind at the time of him committing the murder. It was put forward by the prosecution that MacBeth motive was clearly visible, to gain possession of the throne. It was also revealed to the jury that MacBeth meticulously planned the murder with his wife in a premeditated fashion; the two drugged servants whom were solely blamed for the crime and a bell, which was tolled, which indicated the exact time for MacBeth to strike. The jury was then told of how MacBeth?s own ambition consumed him and revealed the horrible murders he committed, including the death of his best friend Banquo and Mac Duffs entire family.

However, the trial finally ended after years of waiting by the victims friend?s relatives for an answer. MacBeth was found guilty on both charges, premeditated murder and murder. Judge Botting sentenced MacBeth to 20 years imprisonment with no parole being permitted. MacBeth now regretful of his actions gave this brief speech to his victims mourners ?I am terribly sorry for what I have done, and I only hope that my suffering in prison may ease your pain?



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