Saving Private Ryan Essay Research Paper The

Saving Private Ryan Essay, Research Paper

The movie I watched was Saving Private Ryan. The director was Steven Spielberg; some of the main characters are Tom Hanks (Captain John Miller), Tom Sizemore (Private Sarge), and Matt Damon (Private James Ryan).

The setting took place during the time of World War II. The opening scene started out on D-Day. I do not believe that this movie could have taken place anywhere else. The background and where everything took place was perfect. The setting was very important to the plot since the movie was centered a round the war. A different setting would have changed the effect of the movie.

I believe that Tom Hanks did a fabulous job in playing this role. He was so believable that I was on the edge of my seat most of the time. He did a great job of expressing his words. The movie was very believable. I felt like we were really at war and that I was actually there watching everything that was going on. I believe that Tom Hanks should have received an award for his outstanding role in Saving Private Ryan.

The movie tells how Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks) and his men struggled with the assignment they were given. This was to find Private Ryan (Matt Damon) and bring him home safe. They did not know if he was alive or already dead. The men had mixed emotions about whether they would even find Ryan. I gather that this is an internal conflict because they have to go through so much just to find Ryan and in that process they lose two of their men. Then when Ryan decides that he will not leave the bridge only a couple survives that went to get him. They had to risk their life for him and do everything they could to get him back home.

The theme of the movie is courage. Every man that fought in that war how to have courage to do that. Even if some did more then others each one of them had courage to stay alive themselves. Watching one of your men get killed right beside you and knowing there is nothing you can do. When a man that you are trying to saves dies in your hands. These are all come through courage that each one of them had to have, or they could have not made it through that war.

I think that this movie has every right to be considered a classical because it is one the best movies I have seen on wars. There are tons of war movies out there but most of them don?t show half of the stuff that this movie showed. Just by watching that movie you thought that wow I am watching this happen to people. In some parts I really thought that I was there. It should what were going on through the eyes of the men that through and what kind of memories they had to live with the rest of their lives.


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