Ethan Frome Vs Fate Essay Research Paper

Ethan Frome Vs. Fate Essay, Research Paper

You Can t Beat Fate! Many people believe that there is something known as fate. Fate is a belief that people have a set destiny that can not be changed no matter what a person does. This belief would apply to a man named Ethan Frome. Ethan Frome is a man from the novel Ethan Frome and it seem that no matter what Ethan does his life is hopeless, because he is a poor decision-maker. This tie into fate because no matter what Ethan does he is doomed to make bad decisions. Making bad decisions dooms the following essay will use facts from the novel to prove that disregarding what Ethan Frome does he. Ethan s first decision that has a negative effect on him, is when he decides that he will drop out of college and return to his father s farm to help tend to his ailing mother. The decision is truly the worst decision Ethan ever makes. With this decision he ruins his career and destroys the rest of his life. This decision ruins him because Ethan is on the right path; he is going to school to become an engineer, which will pay him well. This also is a bad decision because this discussion leads Ethan to make his next bad decision, which will truly hurt him. Another reason that this is a bad decision is because whether Ethan goes home or not his mother will still die so all this does is act as a time wasting agenda. This is the first time that Ethan takes the wrong fork in the road and ends up hurting his future. The second horrible decision that was made by Ethan was to marry a complaining and controlling woman named Zeena. This decision makes Ethan the least happily by far because with the decision he makes his life dreadful. By making that decision Ethan dooms himself into always having to give his money to Zeena. When Ethan made the decision to marry Zeena he also made the decision to live a life of poverty, because he can not make enough money for two people. Ethan s last consequence for marrying Zeena is to have to spend almost the rest of his life carrying for Zeena and making sure she was happy. That was the second bad decision that Ethan made and also probably the decision that Ethan regretted the most.

Finally the last bad decision that Mr. Frome made concerned himself and his young love Mattie. Ethan was on his way to the train station and Mattie was with him, when they decided to go sled ridding down the hill. After the first time down Mattie says that they should try and kill themselves so the can be together forever. This was Ethan s bad decision because when he decides to attempt suicide he should have made sure it worked. The reason he should have done that, is that by him not dying and, Mattie not dying he was stuck with not just Zeena but also with Mattie now. Mattie becomes even worse that Zeena, so now instead of only having to deal with Zeena he has to deal with two women with attitudes like Zeena. So now Ethan is doomed to die unhappy because even if Zeena dies Mattie will most likely out live him cause she is younger. This is how Ethan made another one of his horrible decision that made his life miserable. Those are examples of Ethan making poor decision that make his life a hopeless mess. The worst part is that the last example was truly a bad decision by Ethan because, Ethan was showing some good decisions cause he was standing up to Zeena. But then he decides to listen to someone and also decides to try to kill himself which guarantees unhappiness to death. So after the examples it can all tied back to the beginning paragraph were fate was discussed. It ties into this because know it can be said because Ethan makes so many


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