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Untitled Essay Research Paper The Effects of

Untitled Essay, Research Paper

The Effects of UFO’s on People

By Steve Edwards Almost every civilization in history that has kept a written

history has recorded the sightings of strange objects and lights in the skies.

These objects have been described as glowing wheels, colored balls of light,

and disk shaped objects. Today unexplained aerial phenomena are generally

referred to as unidentified flying objects (UFO’s) or flying saucers.

The effects of extra terrestrial sightings can have an

adverse effect on people if influenced the wrong way. No solid proof has

shown that UFO’s are real, but many sightings cannot be proven otherwise.

The media, stories, or one’s own experience may often influence what one

believes. The government once stated that they had captured extra terrestrials.

(60 minutes, CBS) On the contrary, most scientists now agree that almost

all sightings and stories of extra terrestrials are not authentic.

The United States government has records of thousands of UFO sightings since

1948, including photos of alleged UFOs and interviews with people who claim

to have seen them. Since UFOs were considered a potential security risk,

the report on these sightings was originally classified as secret. (Craig,

917) When the report was later declassified it showed that 90 percent of

all UFO sightings could be easily explained. Most of the sightings turned

out to be celestial objects, such as stars or bright planets like Venus,

or atmospheric events such as auroras or meteors falling through the atmosphere.

Many other sightings turned out to be objects such as weather balloons,

satellites, aircraft lights, or formations of birds. Often these sightings

were accompanied by unusual weather conditions. Only 5.6 percent of these

cases were not explained.

Testimonies by people are often very inaccurate and dramatized. People have

the tendency to explain everything they see, which is not usually completely

accurate. The unaided human eye can be tricked into hallucination and has

an inaccurate depth perception. Reflections from windows and eyeglasses can

provide an optical illusion of a UFO. Radar is much more reliable to identify

objects, but it cannot detect many characteristics that separate natural

phenomena and physical objects. Radar often picks up ionized gas, rain, or

thermal discontinuities. Electronic interference is also a frequent problem.

Either way, scientists are left with many unanswered questions.

There are many mysteries about UFO’s with many indefinite answers. Many

investigators have tried to solve some peculiar questions about UFO’s, but

many of their conclusions cannot be proven. In 1968 the United States Air

Force asked Edward U. Condon, a physicist at the University of Colorado,

to head a panel studying the claims of extraterrestrial crafts. (Unidentified

Flying Objects, Encarta encyclopedia) The committee’s final report was reviewed

by a special committee of the National Academy of Sciences and released in

early 1969. The 37 scientists who contributed to the report interviewed UFO

witnesses and studied physical and photographic evidence. The report, also

known as the Condon Report, concluded that not only was there no evidence

of extraterrestrial control of UFOs but also that no further UFO studies

were needed. Their advice was accepted by the United States, but for other

independent laboratories it was not enough.

Whether or not a person believes UFO’s are, in fact, real

or not is probably because of influence from the media. For instance, the

smash hit movie Independence Day was a movie about aliens attacking Earth

so they can keep it for themselves. The company that made the movie, FOX,

has been promoting extra terrestrial ideas to bring media attention to UFO’s.

The company bought the stretch of highway 375 outside the mysterious secret

military base named Area 51, which plays an important part in the movie.

In it, several aliens were captured and stored along with their aircraft.

In fact, the government has announced that it has captured aliens and their

aircraft, but that was later denied. (Woolward, 912) This has been said to

be the cause of the vast amount of UFO reports since 1948. The government

also denied that Area 51 even existed for several years, even though it had

been photographed many times. Today, the military base is thought to be a

very heavily guarded test sight for many stealth planes in development for

the military, including some possible “flying saucers”. This sight is responsible

for several of the military’s top planes used today. Local residents persist

that they have never seen any UFO’s that couldn’t be explained by the military’s

aerial experiments. Tourists swear they have seen several UFO’s that couldn’t

be anything else but extra terrestrial. Many magazines and tabloids visit

the area to report about such sightings and print there own far-fetched


People interpret these articles in many different ways.

Because there is no true proof of any extra terrestrial crafts, people are

forced to make their own decisions about reality. For instance, in March

1997, thirty-nine people committed suicide to join with “Ti and Do”, two

“UFO forces”. Printed on their page on the Internet, it stated, “Our 22 years

of classroom here on planet Earth is finally coming to conclusion – ‘graduation’

from the Human Evolutionary Level. We are happily prepared to leave ‘this

world’ and go with Ti’s crew.” (Heaven’s Gate, WWW) Such cases like these

are extreme, but recent studies have shown that fifty percent of America

does believe that there is life on other planets that may be trying to visit

us. However, the majority of these people do not worry about any unwelcome


Opinions may vary, but until any conclusive evidence can

be shown that life is visiting Earth from somewhere out in space, it is safe

to say that humans are alone in their home planet. It is possible that this

theorem will be proved wrong in the future, but until then all any person

can do is guess, hope, and wait. What the future holds for Earth may not

be what is expected, but until then scientists will be examining all the

evidence to help provide a better future for the home to life as we now know

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