Computer Crime Essay Research Paper Wouldn

Computer Crime Essay, Research Paper

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to talk to yourself, but wait before you scream at me ‘What, are you mad?’, think a minute about cloning. Being able to talk to an exact replica of yourself would be exciting, don’t you think?, someone who understands your every line of thought, someone who would never question your actions and someone who would always laugh at all you jokes, that would be bliss.

Clones have been exploited in hundreds of Hollywood productions. They traverse the big screen as crowds of dehumanized humans destined for monotonous drudgery, as invincible armies of lookalikes from deep space, as replicas of maniacs and the ultimate, the resurrected dead. But now fantasy becomes reality and a new age dawns, a age where the medical frontier is pushed even further.

Now that genetically modified and copied mammals are a reality , scientists are researching ways in which cloning can be used for the greater good of man.

But first : HOW TO CLONE as described by the creator of the cloned sheep

Dolly. Cloning is based on nuclear transfer, which requires two cells of which the recipient cell is an unfertilized egg taken from an animal after ovulation. Such eggs are poised to start development when they are appropriately stimulated . The donor cell is the one who would be copied. A researcher holds the recipient egg by suction on the end of pipette, under a high powered microscope, and uses a very fine micro pipette to suck chromosomes. Then the donor cell complete with its nucleus is fused with the recipient egg. Fused cells start to develop and produce offspring if implanted in the uterus of a surrogate mother.

The power to make animals with a precise engineered genetic construct could also be used more directly in cell-base therapies for important illness such as Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and muscular dystrophy. At present none of these diseases as any fully effective treatment.

Several commentators and scientists implied that it might be ethical to clone existing people. I am sure all of us would be tempted, if the technology was available, to clone a dying loved one, that special person. But the question arises will the clone be accepted by society, will its humanity be recognized? Chances are that the clone would in no way be exactly like the deceased, only a look alike. Personality is only partly determined by genes. Clones might well chose different careers, because of different chances and choices in early life.

Cloning can be used to save endangered species from disappearing off the face of the earth aswell. In late November last year, an Iowa cow gave birth to the first cloned endangered specie, a guar named Noah. A specie only found in India, Indochina and Southeast Asia.

Cloning is a very hot disputed religious subject. Personally I don’t see any fault in cloning your own heart form your cells to enjoy God’s creation a little while longer.

I agree that the arrival of Dolly can be seen as the first incarnation of a sinister future. Maybe we are playing God , but the medical industry is based on curing people and cloning is just a natural development in medical science.

In closing, despite the fact that cloning is a relatively young science, stories of success and failure are numerous, which implies that reproductive technology could be used to improve the quality of life , but it could be disastrous if found in the wrong hands.


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