The Battle Of Bentonville Essay Research Paper

The Battle Of Bentonville Essay, Research Paper

The Battle of Bentonville

Mark A. Moore

Book Summary

The book, The Battle of Bentonville is about the historic Battle of Bentonville. The book covers every aspect of the battle, using pictures, diagrams, and actual writing. The book specifically talks about every attack, stand and even some of the aftermath. It is actually divided among the battles, for example part I is about the Battle of Averasboro and part II is about the Battle of Bentonville.

Talking about the actual battle, the Battle of Bentonville was very crucial. From the point of view of General Robert E. Lee, If you are forced back from Raleigh, and we be deprived of the supplies from East Carolina, I do not know how this army of Northern Virginia can be supported and that is exactly what he said. From other point of views, it was basically a last stand against the Union before the South was totally taken over.

Reason for Choosing Book

I chose The Battle of Bentonville because I love to learn about history. I love history because at a young age, my dad taught me that those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it and it is the truth. A prime example is between Napoleon and Hitler… Napoleon lost all what he had conquered to the Russians and so did Hitler all because they fought an enemy in their weather and in their homeland. What makes it a prime example of ignorance is, Hitler thought he could beat the Russians only because he was German and they just weren t loosing, but if he took the time and really examined the battle, Hitler s rule may have never ended. I chose The Battle of Bentonville also because I have to do a project on it. Having a book that is so in depth and descriptive will really make my job easier because I will basically have all the information right there.

Ten Interesting Facts

I learned from reading this book that the battle was fought between Major General William T. Sherman and General Joseph E. Johnston.

I learned from reading this book that the battle lasted three grueling days.

I learned from reading this book that the battle was really the last major confederate offensive of the Civil War.

I learned from reading this book that the battle took place in Johnston county.

I learned from reading this book that Ft. Fisher was captured by the Union on January 15, 1865.

I learned from reading this book that there were two Union forces, one in Virginia and the other in Petersburg which almost defeated the Confederacy.

I learned from reading this book that the Federal Left and Right wing almost double teamed the Confederacy during the battle.

I learned from reading this book that after the Federal army advanced to Goldsboro and after the battle, the Harper House became a ward for wounded Confederate soldiers.

I learned from reading this book that Mill Creek bridge was at flood stage in March 1865 and was the Confederate army s only means of egress from the battlefield.

I learned from reading this book that the grand total for people wounded killed or captured/missing over the battle is 4,133.


I recommend this book to anyone who likes history. The battle of Bentonville is a very historic place mainly because it was the last major Confederate offensive of the civil war. That basically says, that it was the last stand for the South until the war ended. I would also recommend this book if you are like myself and you have to do a project on the battle of Bentonville. This book is a magnificent aid in doing research and even gives terrific pictures and diagrams.


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