Being A Musician Essay Research Paper Music

Being A Musician Essay, Research Paper

Music is an ever-changing style. People listen to music of all types everyday. What most people don’t know is what it takes to make that music they listen to. Today’s music is a lot different than music prior to the 80’s. Machines can almost do all the work for some of the songs you hear on the radio today, but there are still some groups who do it the real way. One of those groups is Dave Matthews Band. They have everything it takes to be a true musician. You must have 3 things to be a “ real “ musician: an ear for music, talent, and a desire for perfection.

A lot of people love music, yet a lot of people lack the ear for it. One example of this would be my brother; he loves to listen to music, but when it comes to playing the drums to a song on the radio he just can’t do it. On the flip side I can listen to a song a few times and pick out the bass lines or the exact beats on the drums. So this is what I mean by a musician must have an ear for music.

Talent is something we all have in a certain area; to have talent with music is something that is amazing. My good friend has a son that is 5 years old who can play the drums with the best of them, once again on the flip side my brother started when he was 5 and 20 years later he is still trying to learn how. Some people are just born with a true talent for music.

Something I have noticed in local bands these days is the tightness of the group. When I listen to a local band then a band that is on the radio I hear a major difference in the perfection. Little things most people don’t even notice are just murder to me. The desire for perfection takes a lot of patience, yet few people have that desire. Dave Matthews band has the desire for perfection like nobody I know. They practice one song for weeks till it is so tight not even one little thing is off.

Even though I used Dave Matthews Band as an example as true musicians, there are many others. Some people say you are born with these three things I have mentioned, others say practice makes perfect, I say it’s both. As a member of a band I have come to realize that playing music is not all fun and games, but very stressful and challenging. Can you sill play music if you don’t have all three of these things? Of course, playing music is for everyone, being a successful musician is not. So next time your playing music and you think you have if perfected, think about some of this I have informed you about.


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