Time Essay Research Paper The sweat hung

Time Essay, Research Paper

The sweat hung heavy on Steven’s cold features. He was walking as calmly as

he could down the corridor. Given the chance he may have been described as

handsome, but none gave him the chance and Steven didn’t really want them to. He

was keeping a close eye on the shadows that covered every doorway, as people who

were less fortunate than him often lurked there waiting for someone to mug. Who

would have thought that the Human race would have come to this? Locked in an

intergalactic war that had lasted several millennia, but he was going to change

that, it would be as the war had never happened and indeed if he succeeded, it


Suddenly he stopped and gazed out of the nearest view port, he saw nothing

but a thin sprinkling of stars and an awful lot of black, it was pretty much the

same view he had had for the past thirteen weeks. At fist he found it

awe-inspiring and then slowly that had given way to just plain dull and then

very dull and then deeply dull. This depressed him greatly not because he loved

to marvel at the beauty and intricacy of the universe, but because it

remaindered him of his own life, stark and bleak with only a few pin pricks of

excitement or hope in the near blank empty shell that was his life. He only got

depressed when he was bored, bored or nervous, and at this moment it was the


Time Travel, two little words that have caused so much conflict and so many

scientists to pull out their hair and have to be put into tax exile which is the

usual fate of those determined to make a fool of themselves in public. Steven

didn’t much like the idea of time travel, meddling in the past to affect the

present it was to complicated. How could he go back in time to stop a war that

was the reason that he went back in the first place, if it’s done it should be

done the bastards should leave it alone. There was also the issue that if some

thing went wrong he would be broken down into a mixture of hydrogen carbon and

ozone and would then be spread to any place in the entire universe and at any

point in that places history. In short he would die a horrible, horrible death.

But he didn’t really care his life at the moment only resembled some kind of

rabbit like creature that had died and been left out in the sun to long.

Dr. Simons however had a slightly more optimistic view on what was about to

happen. This probably had something to with the fact that he was in no real

danger as all he had to do was throw a switch and cross his fingers. Dr. Simons

was considered to be the leading expert on temporal physics in the entire known

universe. He had succeeded where others had failed he had created a time

machine. He’s not quite sure how it happened, he was trying to create a nuclear

powered toaster at the time. The idea for this toaster had hit him when a few

weeks earlier he had been harassed by falling pieces of lightly browned squares

of bread that had just seemed to materialise a few feet above his head and

proceeded to land on him. He was even more confused when he had completed this

toaster that every piece of bread that he had put into it did not come out in

fact they just disappeared. He finally realised what he had created when one of

his pupils, feeling rather hungry after just discovering that the whole universe

was in fact the same shape as Mickey Mouse’s head, had adjusted the controls on

the toaster to high and had sent the bread fifteen seconds in to the future.

Again above Dr. Simons head.

As Steven walked down the corridor it suddenly struck him that there were a

great many things that he and in fact the whole human race did not know or

indeed were mealy not aware of, one of the great many things that Steven was not

aware of was the fact that he was God. The main reason that he was not aware of

this is because he didn’t actually know as on his way to earth he had been

struck on the head by a news paper being flung from the road by a spotty

pubescent paperboy on his rounds and had developed amnesia but as this fact

plays no vital role in the plot or conclusion of this story it will not be

mentioned again.

As Steven turned the corner to go into the lab he was met by the smell of

soldier being applied to circuitry. This again sparked in Steven the fear that

soon he would be contributing to atmospheric anomalies throughout the cosmos but

he was relived to find the good Doctor sitting at the back of his lab trying to

mend the TV. "Vie is it?" said Simons in a German accent, "that I

have concurred ze gatevay between time and space and still can’t get this ruddy

contraption to vurk". Steven walked over to the television set looked at

the doctor and hit the top of the plastic box with surprising force. Instantly

the top of the box caved in and smoke streamed out of the back, the Doctor

glared at Steven who just smiled and shrugged. "It always works in the

movies" was all he could find to cover the situation.

A few minuets later Steven was receiving his briefing from several important

members of the military, secret service men and (of course) Doctor Simons. A

general, Steven couldn’t quite remember his name, said "Now then

Williams" (Williams was Steven’s surname) "you know what your mission

is don’t you boy?" Steven had a great dislike of being called BOY, he found

it so degrading that at the age of 35 people were still addressing him as some

kind of infantile sprog whose name people couldn’t or just didn’t try to recall,

the only reason he tolerated it now was the fact that this man could throw him

off the mission and Steven couldn’t allow that even if it did mean him facing

danger and peril at every turn. The rest of the meeting went smoothly in a

werling haze of gadgets, statistics and protocols most of which went completely

over Steven’s head but he was sure that he had heard them all before, or quite

sure at least.

Susan Fitzpatrick was an advertising agent in the latter stages of the twenty

first century. Nothing seemed to bad for her at the moment, she felt like there

was nothing that she couldn’t handle, except maybe a naked man from the future

falling from the sky and landing on the roof of her car. At that moment she

heard a loud thud on the carpeted ceiling of her beige Volvo estate hover car.

She got out and gorked at the naked man curled up in the small nest like dent

that he had made himself in the roof of her car. Fifteen minutes later a now

fully clothed Steven was sitting talking to a red faced, angry and somewhat

confused Susan and trying to explain what the hell was happening.

The security around the base, this was the base that Steven dad to get into

if he was to stand any chance of stopping the war and completing his mission.

The reason that Steven had to get into the base was this, in approximately 35

minutes and 17 seconds a fully armed and very dangerous thermo nuclear device

would be launched from this facility and crash into an alien ship flying through

that system. The aliens would then retaliate by destroying New LA on mars and

the war would have begun. So Steven and Susan, who never misted out on anything

weird or confusing, were now faced with the seemingly impossible task of getting

into a maximum security military facility unnoticed and proceed to disarm a

nuclear missile in what was now under 33 minuets. "Great" sighed

Susan, but Steven wasn’t listening.

They managed to get past the perimeter under the guise of a security

inspection team which was lucky as Steven didn’t think that Susan’s idea of

dressing up as pizza delivery people would have worked but it might have been

fun to try. So there they were sitting in a ventilation shaft waiting for the

guard that they could see beneath them to get off the loo so that they could get

down and into the main complex itself. Eventually the guard finished doing his

business below them and it was safe for them to emerge from their safe, if

rather pungent, hiding place and roam the complex in search of the main control


"Stop!" said the guard outside the main control room. Steven knew

it was the main control room because during his briefing he had been given a map

of this entire facility. "Don’t you know who I am?" Steven said. It

was all in the attitude Steven knew act like you had the power and people

believed you. The guard looked at him a little taken aback by this comment,

"no sir I don’t believe I do" "well you should" said Steven

and whisked past the man into the main control room with Susan in close pursuit.

"Wait!" protested the guard "you can’t go in there you don’t have

clearance". "Check out our presence with you commanding officer"

snapped Steven "he’ll tell you what were here for" and busily set

about removing panels from the main console. The guard, not wanting to get into

trouble, went off to try and find his superior officer. Susan eyed Steven

dubiously as he fiddled around on the floor in a mess of wires and then made a

comment, which in retrospect, both of them would live to regret, "Your

flies open" "oh thanks" said Steven and hastily did it up. At

that moment a loud siren rang out all around the building. "What does that

mean" inquired Susan with more than a hit of fear in her voice, "It

means" said Steven not looking up from what he was doing, "That our

friend has found his commanding officer a lot sooner than I expected him

to". "How much sooner" said a very anxious Susan "a

lot" was the only reply she got.

"Stop what you are doing and throw any weapons that you may be carrying

onto the floor" Ordered a stout military official pointing a gun at Steven.

"I’m afraid I can’t do that". Replied Steven in defiance. "I’ll

shoot!" warned the officer. "I believe you" came the reply.

"Susan you are free to go I don’t want to see innocent people get

hurt". "But what about you?" she protested, "I’ll be

fine", lied Steven "Go on, get out of here!" Susan did as she was

told and allowed her self to be taken away. " Now you sonny Jim. Come with

me and there won’t be any trouble "I have already told you I can’t"

"Then it’s the end of the road for you my boy"

Steven, who had by this time finished disarming the rocket, suddenly felt

this great rush of anger surge through his body. "DON’T CALL ME

THAT!!!" he said dangerously. "I’ll call you what ever I damn well

fell like!" said the officer. That tore it, Steven charged at the man.

He felt the sting of the bullets piercing his skin before he heard the crack

of the gun and as he slumped to the ground the top of the zip of his flies

connected 2 of the wires that were strune in a heap on the floor. From some were

out side Steven heard a rocket take off "Bugger" said Steven and then

died. For we cannot change the past as the past is what makes us and without it

we are nothing.


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