The Revolutionary War Essay Research Paper War

The Revolutionary War Essay, Research Paper

War can serve as a catalyst for change. The American Revolutionary war and the pre- revolution buildup contributed to many social changes. Amongst these changes are themes of localism, egalitarianism, women, and blacks. Before the revolutionary war, separate colonies wished to remain separate. In 1754 Benjamin Franklin published a drawing of a snake with different sections of the snake representing the different colonies. The snake was cut into eight pieces, and the slogan “Join or Die” is scrawled under the picture. The common feeling of colonists was that of localism and the colony of one’s birth was also the colony of their death. Colonies were extremely against joining one another in anything. During the pre-revolutionary war buildup, colonies were forced to confer with each other on matters of law, government, and ties to Britain. In addition to localism the individual colonies carried a caste system of sorts. Because of the war, continental army, and local militias, men learned that a man who perhaps did not possess as much land as he may be as capable to lead if not more so. The militias threw out their expensive soldier uniforms in the interest of making even the poorest soldier feel at welcome. This action by the local militias is called egalitarianism. This is the premise of making every man feel equal. Unfortunately, women were not included in this idea of egalitarianism. However, the woman’s role in the revolutionary war and its preparation was deemed as necessary and deserving of recognition. Women refused to buy British clothing and spun their own clothing from colonial wool. The women of the family also provided hunting shirts for their husbands and sons. The role of the woman and the general liberation of women did not so much begin at this time. Despite this lack of liberation, the revolutionary war began the realization that women are important parts, not only of the household, but also of the nation. The thought to abolish slavery began slightly before the beginning of the war. Large efforts were not made to do so, mostly because of the fear that abolition would crush southern industry. Many slaves ran away to be a part of the war against the British. Battalions of black slaves were formed in the war, Quakers attempted to abolish slavery amongst themselves, the Declaration of Independence pushed support for the fight against slavery, and slavery began to crack. After the war, the entire government changed. Because of the changing ideals of localism, people realized that to become a strong nation it was necessary to become a whole nation as opposed to separate states. The governors of the various states had virtually all power removed from them. A bicameral legislative body was formed as well as two other branches of federal government, the judicial branch and the executive branch. In 1787, the second continental congress met to add the constitution the Declaration of Independence. This outlined all of the specifications for this new government.


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