French Revolution Essay Research Paper The French

French Revolution Essay, Research Paper

The French Revolution began on 1789. It is the most darkest period of France s

history, blended with confusion and chaos which many innocent victims were killed or

executed in the name of revolution. There are many causes that led to the revolution, such

as hunger crisis, American Revolution, period of Enlightenment and more. The financial

crisis is least important cause of the French Revolution when it is compared with other

causes, because it did not deal with people s survivor, nor gave the idea of revolution, and

it was only a temporally event.

The financial crisis is least important, because it did not destroy people s hopes nor

influence the them to rebel. France was faced with one of its worst harvest ever, and food

became rare and too expensive for the majority of people. The feeling of hunger and fear

of starving to death made women of Paris desperate enough to storm the palace of

Versailles, risking their own life to go against the monarch. The successful American

Revolution influenced the French to act on the revolution of their own. Soldiers returning

from America brought those ideas with them and spread it throughout the people of Third

State(middle-low class of France)by using propaganda and powerful public speech. This

was the phenomenon that was feared by every European monarch, causing them to attack

France. The financial problems struck France after the seven year war with the British,

and its unprofitable investment to the Americans. Although the country was in poor state

with high taxes, people still had hope for the future, their life was not threatened, therefore

risking their life for the revolution seemed foolish to them. The hunger crises and the

American Revolution motivated the French to overwhelm and overthrow the monarch,

which the financial crises alone could not have making it least important cause of

revolution. .

Enlightenment and Absolutism are more important causes in French Revolution

than financial crisis. The period of enlightenment impacted many people in Europe. It

was the time of new discoveries and ideas that opposed the traditional beliefs. Absolutism

is the form of the government where king has the absolute authority, people in lower

classes had no rights or freedom. While the financial crisis would of have impact on

France temporarily, those two causes are the root of the revolution which had the long

term effect, not only in France but all over the Europe. France could of have paid its debt,

if they were given certain time, and eventually shape the country in order. Since

Enlightenment and Absolutism is the basis of French Revolution, it is more important

cause than financial crisis.

The call of the Estate General, and its unjust system caused the revolution, and it

contributed more importantly than financial crisis. Louis XIV called the Estate General

for first time in one hundred fifty years. The public expectation in transformation of the

government was at high. But when the third state lost the vote as usual, since they only

had one vote, nothing was changed and people became irritated. This led to the protest in

king s tennis court shouting for equal rights. This event marked the beginning of the

uprise against the absolute rule. The financial crisis was indeed different, it did not play

with people s minds. They knew that France was in near bankruptcy, and were preparing

for the worse. Their life style was poor at the present time, but believed that in the future

they would overcome its difficulties. Therefore the loss of Third State led to the

revolution and it is more important than financial crisis.

Although the financial crisis was devastating it is the least important causes of

French Revolution. It did not interfere with people s survivor, and could not have

motivated the revolution to take place. It is in no doubt that this conflict is the most

horrifying times of France which changed the country once for all.


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