School Days Essay Research Paper Dear members

School Days Essay, Research Paper

Dear members of the school board, I strongly feel that the school

day needs to end one hour shorter for students in North Carolina. I feel

this way simply because students would be able to get home, clean the

house, and go to sleep at an earlier time.

Everyone wants to get home sooner. Sitting around school all day is

extremely boring. Everyone is always dying to get home, and if school got

out an hour earlier, students would get home an hour earlier. Instead of

getting home at four o clock, students would get home at three o clock.

Also, they would be able to concentrate better during the day because they

would not feel quite as anxious to get home, allowing them to do better in


The second reason school should dismiss at two o clock instead of

three is that it would make home life less stressful. Students could help

out around the house longer before their parents got home. Instead of

getting home two hours before parents, they could get home three hours

before parents. Then they could clean up the house before their parents

got home. In return, their parents would be very happy, making everyone

feel less stressed. The less stressful a home life, the better a student

does in school.

The final reason school should be an hour shorter is that students

would be able to go to sleep an hour sooner. If students go to sleep an

hour sooner, they will be able to sleep an hour longer. The more sleep

students get, the more relaxed they feel. The more relaxed students feel,

the better able they concentrate. The better students can concentrate, the

better they will be able to do in school.

As one can very well see, this all links back to one thing. If school

would end an hour earlier, students would be able to perform better

academically in school. School is all about success anyway, is it not?

Therefore, in my opinion, school should most definitely end an hour



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