Our Effect On Earth Essay Research Paper

Our Effect On Earth Essay, Research Paper

Since humankind first walked the Earth, we have changed the face of The Earth. Some say that the Earth is being damaged by our doings. Others say that our activities make the Earth a better place to live. In my opinion, our mother The Earth is both harmed and made better by our activities.

Our activities on the Earth have destroyed many of the Earth’s natural habitats and harmed the Earth. Starting from the age when man first started to use metal, more and more of the Earth’s resources are being mined and used. These metals take millions of years to form but only several months to be mined and made into products to cater for the human needs. The Earth is running out of these materials. The reason for this lies in the fact that the ratio between time used for the metals to form and time used for the metal to be used is so great. Materials under the Earth’s crust are not the only things that face extinction, the wild lives of the Earth share the same fate. The human race is growing so fast that more and more space is needed to make area for living and farming. Humans are destroying the forest and wild life to gain the space they need and upsetting the ecological balance. Human activities are destroying the Earth.

When an average human’s view is examined, it has been found that we have made the Earth a better place in many ways. The Earth is no longer the wild inhospitable planet it was. We have made the Earth suitable for our lives. We have created things nature can never created, and eliminated things that nature can never get ride of. Trees and animals no longer need to fear about plagues that can wipe out millions because humans have created and antidote for them. Humans have increased the growth and yield of many plants, and changed even more to suit harsh weather. We have recreated many lives on the Earth. We have made The Earth a better place to live for many creatures.

Human activities both have damaged and helped our planet. What we have done on The Earth is both good and bad. We have damaged it in our process of making it better. While we are trying to save plants and animals from plagues, the chemical tocsin we produces harm them even further. We try to kill the harmful creatures, but we upset the ecological balance in the same process. We try our best to save wild life and create a comfortable life for us in the same time.

To conclude, our planet The Earth is both helped and harmed by our activities on it. We need to reduce our ecological footprints, but unless we go back to primitive ways, the two processes will never stop.


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