The Joy Of Music Essay Research Paper

The Joy Of Music Essay, Research Paper

What Is the Joy of Making Music?

As stated in Webster?s New World Dictionary, joy is “a very glad feeling; delight.” The definition for music is “sounds and tones in varying melody that form a structurally complete and emotionally expressive composition.” The definition of music implies that there is some joy in making it. Music is “emotional,” and “expressive,” so some feeling must go into making music.

I will use my experiences as a trumpet player to explain the technical and emotional involvement of making and listening to music. The first step in making music is the technical part of singing, or of playing an instrument. One does this by learning all the notes and fingerings for them, and then learning the basics of playing. For example, once one knows how to play scales, one needs to learn how to make them sound better. Then, one learns how to play them faster and so on. Once you master all of the basics and have listened to many kinds of music (to gain knowledge of styles, how to articulate notes, and how things are generally supposed to sound etc.), then you can go on to make your own judgments as to how the piece should be played. When all the basics and all the knowledge are combined, then music occurs.

When I first started to play the trumpet, I thought I was making music. Now as I look back, my band really didn?t, though we played the notes well. There is a fine line between playing right notes and making music. That fine line is usually felt inside. This is why I love the music business? the difference between good and great is felt, as opposed to a material difference like that between good food or great food. Even though people have their own opinions, most people agree on what constitutes great music. Great music appeals to the senses and to the intellect, and makes you want to hear more. It does so in a way that I can?t explain. It doesn?t matter if an explanation can?t be offered, because feelings are valid without definition, and are left to be interpreted by the individual.

When one goes to a concert, one listens to an orchestra play a piece. One can say it was good or bad. What makes it good or bad? You have to refer back to the definition of music to really figure out if it was good. Yes, you could say “if it sounded good, then it was good.” But what does “sounded good” really mean? That?s where the definition comes in. The audience knows what “delight and glad feelings” are in music so one knows if one feels good after a concert, then it must have been a good concert.

Every time I go to a concert and hear music, not just “good notes,” I feel good. The way all the notes and the music all work together makes me (and the audience) feel good. I feel there is no real difference in when you hear a soloist making “good” music or an orchestra making “good” music. Both have the same qualities when it comes to performance. They both have a way of making you feel good. I have been playing trumpet for nine years, and only recently have I really been able to play music. It?s an amazing feeling when you can “get your head out of the [music] stand” and start listening to the music going on around you in the group you are playing with. Everyone making music together in an ensemble is one of the greatest feelings. When I played with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, the music making was unbelievable. The level of playing was above what I was used to, and the music created was better than I had expected.

I have given you many examples of music making, the process of making music, and how to see if what you heard was music or “good notes.” I will now tell you why I love making music. The pure excitement and joy of being able to make others experience the same joy I experience is great. This still may seem hard to understand, but let me explain. The first time I played a concert (in fourth grade) the audience applauded and gave us a standing ovation. The applauding made me feel great. People were praising my friends and me for doing what was fun and enjoyable. I realized that making music was what I wanted to do. Making people feel good while doing what I love, sounds great to me. I guess when it comes down to why I love making music, the answer is two-fold: the pure fun involved in making music, and the satisfaction of self expression. I can express my feelings through music; instead of expressing my self through writing or art or even talking to others (on occasion), I play my trumpet. Also music provides self discipline. Because I play sports, I don?t find as much discipline in music as others might, but I know many people who find self discipline in making music.

I have discussed the joy of making and listening to music, along with the process, basics and fundamentals of how to make music. My only wish is to have knowledgeable audiences who come to my concerts and support me in a positive way. I just want people to understand the music they listen to the way I do.

The joy of making music is something very dear to me, and music is something I?m planing to make a career of. Doing something that one loves? playing trumpet and making music as a career is the most enjoyable thing that I could do.


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