Doud Chronicles Power Trip Essay Research Paper

Doud Chronicles: Power Trip Essay, Research Paper

The story Disney?s Doug Chronicles Power Trip is about Doug and his problems

at school. Doug?s problem was that Vice Principle Bone chose Doug to be the hall

monitor. Doug was surprised because he was hand-picked from all the other students. At

first Doug thought that it would be dorky, he put on the orange belt but as he was walking

to class all the other students were walking the opposite direction, Doug saw he friend,

Skeeter. Doug asked ?whats going on??

?Principle White Announced that there was going to be an assembly in the

auditorium,? Skeeter said. The assembly was about a police man from the city, Doug saw

how he looked in the uniform and he started day dreaming about him being hall monitor

and how he can impress Patti (Doug has a crush on Patti).

On Tuesday Doug was doing his regular routine of being the hall monitor, Doug

saw Roger the school bully, walking by as the tardy bell rang. Since Doug was new he let

him slide and just give him a warning, the other kids in the classroom were amazed that

Doug actually stud up to Roger.

On Wednesday Doug felt he had more power. A student went up to Doug

congratulated him.As Doug was going back to class he saw Roger and his gang in the

hall Doug pointed at the clock and Roger left disappointed.

On Thursday, Doug was getting a little carried away, he was standing on a

stepladder with a megaphone in his hand barking orders. Doug saw Patti running but he

just asked ?would you please slow down?? Skeeter walked up to Doug, Skeeter started

talking but it seemed that nobody was home. Skeeter walked away mumbling disapoitedly.

When Doug went home he still felt like he was in control, he started telling everyone

what and what not to do, everyone was angry at Doug.

Finally on Friday morning Doug once again caught Patti running, Doug was

nervous of what to do, he tried not look at her eyes as he was giving her a detention slip.

Patti was undoubtedly upset. Doug really felt bad and he decided to wait for her before

she got to detention but unexpectedly it was Vice Principle Bone to arrive first, Doug

looking at his feet told Bone that he was retiring from hall monitor. Patti overheard the

conversation, Doug apologized to Patti about giving her detention and he admitted about

getting a little carried away. Patti replied by saying ? Doug you used a megaphone in a

twenty feet hallway!? Doug invited her to get ice creme after school when she was done

with her detention. Patti agreed and said ? You know, you did look kind of cute in your

little orange sash.? Doug smiled, embarrassed. Doug waited for Patti was glad to retire.

I think the moral to this story is basically don?t get carried away with things that

make you popular because you might up ending losing your first and real friends


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