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Good Vs Evil Essay, Research Paper

Good vs. evil is an important concept. It is a life long struggle inside of you. In life, you are in a constant limbo between good and evil. One day, you might be in a good mood and the other day you might be in an evil, or bad mood. Before history and even in history, good vs. evil has always been a historic struggle.

Now, good is represented by the color white and the color black represents evil. This is probably true because white represents peace and tranquility, which is what the current standards of the world say good, is. Black is probably representative of evil because it shows darkness and mystery. This usually leads to evil because of the hate shown in this color. These two colors are only current day representation, but in history and pre-history, different colors represented the same meaning.

The word good has several meaning, but all of them say that it is positive. On the other hand, evil always means something negative. This difference is yet another similarity to white and black. People who are considered positive are also considered to be nice, gentle, and smart. Those are all thought of as above or positive traits compared to current day standards. Those who are considered negative are also considered to be mean, dangerous, mischievous. This too is also considered to be below or negative compared to current day standards.

Good and evil are also very similar. Both can describe a personality, in conjunction or separately. Good and evil can also be adjectives, which is the reason why it could describe someone?s personality. Nothing is pure evil or pure good; it must always have a small portion of the other in it. It might be bottled up or suppressed, but a part of each is always there.

Through all their differences and similarities, they are still just two adjectives that describe nearly everything. A computer can be described as good because it assists people, but a computer can also be described as bad because hackers/crackers can use the computer to cause chaos and panic. Just as the ancient Chinese associated good and evil with everything the current world still does. Good and evil are the two forces that associate themselves with everything. Not only does each trait associate with something, they can be partially good and partially bad. Not much unlike human history, which shows this standoff from the beginning of time.


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