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Children And Violence Essay, Research Paper


Children and violence, were does it start? Some experts say that children from violent environments at home are more likely to commit crimes then others. Some very young children will witness crime at the home and think that it is ok, not knowing what is right and wrong. How can one stop this act from occurring, or put the children in the right environment.

There are different ways that you could save a child from witnessing violence, or perhaps if the child has already seen some type of violence seeks help for that child. There are many programs out there that can help disturbed children and families to get them back on track and to help solve the violence problem. These programs that are out there can be an individual, family, and even group program. For example, one program that is available is the Pace Center for Girls. Pace helps out young girls and gets them back on track. Since the Pace program has been running they have reduced crime, violence, pregnancy, and the like. A program like this is working well for the adolescent girls but what about the boys.

Items that can help boys are programs of the like, but more importantly know what they are doing. See what kind of TV and movies they are watching, and the like. Boys will watch and play with things that cause mass destruction, have violence, and aggressiveness involved. If the boy is doing theses things perhaps they can get involved in less aggressive things to know that violence, and aggressive is not the answer. If the boy can be taught that violence is not the answer and there is more to life then being aggressive and to show himself off then he would be headed in the right direction.

As children grow older there will always be violence and crime being committed in our streets. There are many programs and ways to help stop these actions before they start. Everyone must get involved to have this work, sometimes a group effort is needed, and however some might think that it is an individual who must stop it. In the long run remenber that prevention is the goal, stop it before it starts


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