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Odysseus Essay, Research Paper

The Golden Sock

Years after Odysseus came from his twenty year trip, Odysseus began to feel restless; he wanted to go on an adventure. He knew that his wife, Penelope would not agree to his decision to go seek the long stolen, “golden sock”. To many people, this may be any ordinary sock, but to Ithica, it was different. It was the sock worn on the first person to set foot on the land of Ithica. Odysseus finally decided to go on the journey to seek the “golden sock.” He snuck away leaving Penelope a note telling where he is, and what he wants to do. Him, and his hundred crew men went all the way to the Gibralter strait where he was turned around by Charybdis? funnel, and stranded on the peninsula of Hubble. He picked his best men to search the beautiful island.

“Men, our objective here is to find the long gone, “golden sock”. We have traveled hundreds of miles already, and we still have not come close to finding the “golden sock”. I want you to look at the feet of every man on this island, hoping to see the “golden sock”. This may not be easy, and we may have to fight, so I want every man to be ready to go to war,” Odysseus claimed.

Odysseus and his men came to a cave and were directly surrounded. They got ready to fight, but the people were only trying to find out if they were friendly or hostile. The people were called the Takol Klan. They invited Odysseus and his men for the verrano feast. The Takol Klan, that greeted them, seemed to overly excited to Odysseus.

“Hey, do two of you want to come and help us set up for tomorrow?s feast,” Taboli said.

“Sure, Odysseus, Ankortipo and I are going to go with these friendly hosts,” said Amtiphorus.

“Go ahead, you two, but watch your back; we don?t know these people, they might have the holy, golden sock,” said Odysseus.

Odysseus gathered all of his men, and told them, that their main task was to look at all the men?s feet, trying to seek the “golden sock”. Odysseus followed the soldiers to the sitting room, and a mammoth of a beast was sitting on the couch watching T.V. He stood up and introduced himself.

“My people call me Cyclops, and you can see why, I am the leader of this tribe.”

“My name is Odysseus, my men call me Odysseus, but you can call me Master.”

“Welcome Master. Will you join me for dinner in my private quarter?” asked Cyclops.

“Sorry Cyclops, I would like my men to be present during my dinner,” said Odysseus.

“No problem Master, that can be arranged.”

Half an hour later, Odysseus and his men were called to the dinner table. They ate quickly shrugging off any conversation starting questions. After their feast, Odysseus left the room with Cyclops and asked where his two crew members were.

Cyclops replied, “what do you think we had for dinner today?”

Odysseus gagged and leapt for the Cyclop?s throat. Warriors came to the rescue and attempted to kill Odysseus. Odysseus ran back to the dinner table and roused his men to fight. They fought all night and half of the crew were killed. All of the Takol were lying motionless in their own pools of blood. Except for Cyclops who shook with spasms on the ground after Odysseus stomped on his head and tore out his eye.

“Come on men, let us search all the dead people to see if one is wearing the golden sock,” said Odysseus.

“But the men are under a pool of blood,” said on of Odysseus? men.

“Swim under, and check. I don?t care what you men do as long as you check every man for the golden sock,” said Odysseus.

The men searched for hours, and did not find anything. So, Odysseus and his crew headed out of the peninsula of Hubble and were sailing home when a storm broke out sending them through the portal of time, or the Girbralter straight. He ended up in calm water, and they sailed through many, many moons. Finally, they arrived in a place where there were many, many tall shiny mountains thrusting up into the sky. Odysseus tried talking to some of the natives, he asked them what this place was called. They told him Florida dude, USA.”

They had never heard each others dialects before so they both ran after answering. Odysseus ran to his ship and the native ran to the Florida Post. The editor of the Florida Post was enthralled; he immediately sent the story to the printers. Meanwhile, a crowd gathered around Odysseus? ships to see the so-called cavemen. All the news channels were live from the center of all the excitement. In the crowd was a murderer, cold blooded murderer, but nobody knew it. To him murder was like sex; it was addicting and you had to do it in more than one place, and to more than one person. He is a physic vampire; he sucks all the energy from a person and they eventually die from this. His next targets were Odysseus and his crew. Each night they found on crew member missing until the final confrontation between the monster called Tom Psyche and Odysseus. They fough all day and all night runnign between the city and the ship. Tom had more stamina and endurance than Odysseus, so naturally? the Psycher jumper from the ship?s crow?s nest onto Odysseus? back. Odysseus managed to get Tom off his back, then twisting Tom Psycher head off. He took off Tom Psycher shoes finding the “golden sock.”

The Florida State Police arrived, witnessing Odysseus stripping the “golden sock” from Tom. Odysseus began to run towards his ship, instructing the captain of his crew to leave Florida. The State police gave Odysseus a warning, and began to fire at him, and at his crew. He managed to dodge the bullets, and make it successfully on to the ship. They sailed off into the Atlantic Ocean. They sailed for many, many moons, and were still clueless of to where they were. They had finally spotted land, when a storm broke out sending them back through the portal of time, sending them to the peninsula of Hubble. They sailed back the Straight of Gibralter, finally reaching their homeland, Ithica. Thousands of Ithican?s were out their waiting to touch the “golden sock”, and that they did. And from that day on, the people of Ithica lived happily ever after.


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