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Lost In The Dark Essay Research Paper

Lost In The Dark Essay, Research Paper

Lost in the dark

I tried everything I knew possible so that my friends would think I was cool. I was popular, but I never did anything that considered breaking the rules, or the law. I was always home on curfew, and never had gotten into trouble with the law. So one day I decided I would.

We were all just sitting around Bobby‘s house with nothing to do. Bobby is dating my best friend Erin. His house is the only spot where we can actually hang out and not be pestered by parental figures. Bobby’s mom really doesn’t care what we do, or where we go.

We were bored out of our minds, and were sick of not having any money to do anything. In my town you have to have money in order to do anything exciting. After many hours of contemplating on things to do, Erin actually came up with a good idea. Earlier in the week she had heard Sara and Brooke talking about a run down correctional facility. Brooke and Sara are the two girls who study Wicca that go to our high school. They had gone there the previous weekend and stole some shirts that said “Warwick Correctional Facility,”. They were telling stories on how some girl was murdered there just a few months prior to our adventure. They explained how if you went there at night time you could hear people screaming. Sometimes you could even hear a baby crying. The place wasn’t that far away so we decided to make the 40-


minute trip to this place. We had no idea though what we were getting ourselves into. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I am so petrified of the dark it is pathetic. I have always had a fear of monsters hiding underneath my bed. Everyone has his or her own fears, and the dark just happens to be mine.

I was driving my car, and Will was driving his truck. In my car there was Greg, Bobby, Erin, Danny and I. In Will’s truck there was Will, Chrissie and their little girl. We were driving down this abandoned dirt road with a few trailers here and there, but other then that there was no one. The ride itself was pretty thrilling.

Will and Chrissie are friends of Bobby. We hang out with them sometimes when we are really bored and have nothing to do at all. Mostly like tonight. Danny is Bobby’s nephew. But he is the same age as the rest of us.

The people in my car were all getting high, and I being the good little girl I am wasn’t. So as I am driving down this dark, windy, foggy, dirt road, with only trees surrounding me, I have a bunch of teenagers who are higher then the sky, laughing and being obnoxiously loud!

All my friends were being out of control and I almost hit a deer. I slammed on the brakes and Will almost hit the back of my car. The boys in my car thought it would be funny to chase after the deer. When deer see head lights their bodies freeze, and well this deer was frozen in the middle of the road. The boys jumped out of my car and slowly crept up to the deer. I shut my lights off and then turned them back on and no one was there. Not even the deer. Then I hear screaming coming along my whole car. I look out my side window and Greg was standing there with his face glued to the window. I was so scared, but after everyone calmed down they got back


into my car, and we all got situated.

Will’s truck wouldn’t start. So I had to turn my car around and jump-start his truck! Granted we are not even to our destination yet! Things are already getting out of hand! But we got things going and everyone seemed to be calmed down.

We started going on our little trip again and then out of the blue, Bobby hollered for me to turn! I was going about 35 mph and slammed on my brakes and took the left-hand turn. Will almost didn’t make the turn either.

As we were driving up the driveway to this place with our headlights off, I kind of got a really eerie feeling about the whole thing. Bobby said I had to turn my headlights off so no one would see my car, even though there was no one around. I hid my car behind the building so it was out of sight from any cops who decided to make a midnight ride, as Bobby had said. The place was really run down and kind of scary looking. All I could think about were those Freddie Cougar movies. I kept looking behind me thinking some one was going to be there with a knife ready to stab me.

It looked like there were two floors to this place. The second floor was where we saw the first entrance; it was all boarded up though. Then we saw another door. From what we could tell it was the only way we were going to be able to get in. But the catch is the door was down like what seemed to be a handicap entrance with a downward slope to it. It seemed like we were going to be ending up in the basement of this place. Danny went down first to the entrance. Then out of the blue a white dove flew up. Danny grabbed a rock and nailed the bird with it (killing the bird of course). In this region of the country we live in, white doves are very rare. You usually


don’t see one unless a person owns it. It wouldn’t have bothered me as much if the bird were a bat. But it wasn’t it was a white dove.

Danny grabbed the same rock he had killed the bird with and threw it at the door’s window. We all jumped at the sound. It didn’t sound like a regular window breaking. It sounded different. With a kind or whistle or something to it. It is hard to describe. But I know it didn’t sound right. Maybe I was just a little jumpy. He reached his hand in and opened the door.

We all slowly descended to the entrance and tip toed in the door. It was damp inside and freezing. The temperature seemed to drop about 30 degrees. I was holding tightly to Greg by then. I was scared out of my wits. Besides at the time I was sort of dating Greg, and it felt good to be holding on to some one who I knew wouldn’t let anything happen to me.

We started walking around the first room, shining our flashlights everywhere making sure nothing was going to jump out at us. The room was large; it seemed like a cafeteria of some sorts. I couldn’t see where the kitchen would be though. It was darker then a night with no moon though. Tables were strewed about the room, and also what seemed to be files, and tons of paper. You could tell kids had come here before because spray paint all over the walls. In a way it looked like blood the way your Flash light would bounce off the walls. The smell made skunks seem somewhat endearing. The smell had a way of seeping into your clothing, and seeming like it would never come out again. My stomach started churning the minute I walked into the door. There were only two doors in this room. One was the way we just came in and the other went into what seemed to be the abyss.

We heard the first scream when we were in the first room. We didn’t know what to do.


We all looked around, and noticed that Will was missing. We just figured he never came in and was sitting in the car with his little girl.

We ventured into the second room, where there seemed to be jail cells. The second room was more of a hallway. It was narrow and long. The cells were along the sides of the walls. There were other doors further down. We saw some stairs and figured it might be a little lighter up on a higher floor.

We heard what seemed to be like a baby crying from a different room. That was one of the things Sara and Brooke said we might hear. All of us ran up the stairs. When we reached the top, everyone except Will and the baby were still there.

We looked around and noticed we were in the living quarters. There were beds every where, 3-foot walls sectioning off what would be a small bedroom. The beds were strewed around just like the tables were downstairs though. All I could think of was that there was going to be someone hiding behind the sectioned off mini-rooms. I was afraid it might be a killer or maybe a homeless person.

We wondered around for a bit, then we heard a female scream. I reached for Erin, but she wasn’t there. I didn’t know what to do. I turned in circles and I saw everyone else except Erin. She was my best friend; I couldn’t let anything happen to her. I made up my mind that I was going to find her, I looked at Greg, and I ran down the stairs. I screamed, and screamed, and screamed as I ran down the stairs.

I realized I didn’t have any light, and started screaming louder and louder. Then I remembered Greg had the flashlight. I started to cry because I didn’t know what to do. I thought I


was going to have a heart attack. My chest seemed to be racing against a greater force of some sort. My eyes were all blurry because of the tears streaming down my face, so they didn’t have a

chance to adjust to the dark.

I ran for the entrance door, but I must have ran the wrong way. I had ran down the hallway instead of into the first room. I looked around, turning and turning looking for a way out. What I saw wasn’t what I had expected; I saw this little green light in a corner room. I didn’t have a clue what it was. I was still screaming because I didn‘t know what was going on. I heard my named being called, but I didn’t know where any one was. I ran towards the green light and then I saw Will and his baby. From the point that I was at, it seemed like there was blood all over them. The baby was crying but Will wasn‘t moving. It looked like he was dead. Lying on the floor was a little glow stick next to them. I didn‘t know what to do. My head started to get all dizzy, and my knees where banging against each other. I was losing my balance and my sense for anything. I took a step backwards, towards the door. I brushed against something as I moved though. I looked down and I saw Erin. I saw her long blonde hair tossed around her faced, and again what seemed to be blood was all over her also. I screamed one last time, fainted and fell against the hard concrete floor.

The lights were so bright I didn’t know what was going on. I thought I was in heaven or something. But then I saw people with surgical masks on. I started screaming. I didn’t know what was going on. The last time I had checked I was in a broken down correctional facility. I thought maybe they decided to turn the lights on and make me one of their patients. I was frozen with shock. My heart was still going at a rapid pace and it felt like it was going to jump right out of my



I saw Greg above me, and I reached out to him, realizing my hands were tied down. I

don’t think I have ever screamed so loud in my life. Then I felt a prick in my arm, and I suddenly felt very strange, and I blacked out again.

Hours later I woke up to doctors surrounding me, saying my name trying to get me to wake up. I just laid there in a daze. Not knowing what to do. I stared blankly at everyone. Greg came over and rubbed my cheek telling me everything was ok. I still had no clue what was going on. He looked at me with such fear in his eyes. I have never seen him with a look like that on his face. It scared me even more.

They then told me what happened. My friends had decided to play a little trick on me. Will and everyone else were not really dead. It was just ketchup. It was all just a game. They had never intended for me to end up in the hospital. That was the last thing they wanted. They just wanted to scare me a little.

I noticed Greg was crying. I asked him what else had happened. He then told me that he loved me, and was so scared that they had killed me. They had driven me to the hospital because I was unconscious and I had cracked my head open. They couldn’t tell if I was bleeding or if it was the ketchup. He said he put his hand underneath my head and noticed it was warm. That is when they realized that I really was hurt. Greg told me that he thinks I scared them, more then they scared me!

I ended up with twelve stitches in my head and a concussion. I guess everyone should


have believed me when I told them I was afraid of the dark. But they learned a lesson too. What goes around comes around!