How Do I Love Thee Essay Research

How Do I Love Thee Essay, Research Paper

Regina Morn

English 1023


?How Do I love The

Let Me Count The Ways?

Do you believe in everlasting love?. Elizabeth Barrette Browning a great

Victorian poet, kept her intense feelings a secret due to her overbearing father. She

revealed her eternal love through poetry. ?How Do I Love The, Let Me Count The

Ways? is a highly expressed love poem dedicated to the love of her life, Robert

Browning who later became her husband. In the poem, Elizabeth Barrette

Borrowing?s interpretation of love is strong and concrete. The largess of her

everlasting love will proceed even after the end of time.

?Elizabeth Barrette Borrowing?s immortal ?How do I love the?? sonnet,

from Sonnets from the Portuguese, is perhaps the best-know love poem of all

time? (smile7724 1). The sonnet consist of fourteen numerous illustrations of her

everlasting love. The opening line, ?How do I love the, Let me count the

ways?(Browning 1046) is define as a mathematical addition of her love for Robert

Browning. As Elizabeth ?counts the ways,? her love is describe in high

dimensional terms such as ?Depth, Breadth, and Height?(Browning 1046). At that

moment her soul seemed limitless and spiritual. ?Ideal grace? (Browning 1046) is

an expression of heaven. Elizabeth Barrette Browning was a religious woman.

Her religious belief provides the poem with a pure meaning of eternal love.

Elizabeth?s everyday love ?by sun and candle-light? (Browning 1046)

refers to the earthly time frame of day and night. ?I love the freely, as men strive

for Right;? (Browning 1046) identifies Robert as a righteous and modest man who

she purely admires. Her passion and childhood faith is compared to something

special, pure and innocent. Elizabeth?s faith and innocents relates back to her

religious morals. ?I love the with a love I seemed to lose with my lost

saints?(Browning 1046), Elizabeth?s religious belief is strong, but her love for

Robert is above her own personal virtuous. She loves him intensively through life.

?Smiles, tears, of all my life!? (Browning 1046), express the closure of the poem

where she hopes to be able to love even after death. Her infinite love for Robert

Browning will remain strong until the end of time and her heart will go on.

Elizabeth Barrette Borrowing?s ?poems appeal fully to the senses as well as

to any sentimental heart?(Smile772 1). Her love lyrics were known as her best

work. ?How do I love thee, let me count the ways? is a poem clearly described her

love for Robert Browning.

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