Rustlers Of Panther Gap Essay Research Paper

Rustlers Of Panther Gap Essay, Research Paper

The Rustlers of Panther Gap by Gilbert Morris is a

Story of a boy who is determined to help his Indian


The kids at school treat Hawk and Robin

Leatherwood rotten, just because they’re “Indians.”

When the Buck brothers stand up for their friends, they

Become a target, too. What’s even worse, someone is

Cutting down Mr. Leatherwood’s valuable black


Trees and making off with wood!

The sheriff and his deputies say they’re doing all

They can, but they keep coming up empty-handed.

Finally, the Bucks have had enough! Somebody’s got to

Catch the no-good, rotten, sneaky thief, and they figure

It might as well be them! So Jake hatches a scheme. All

Barney has to do is use Joe’s newest invention-the

Amazing flying Solarcycle-to play detective from the


About a week after they had a plan and decided on

what they were going to do, more trouble comes along.

A couple of no good boys (the Dursley’s) start to

interrupt their plans by ruining their Solarcycle and

starting fights with Barney and Jake. But that won’t

stop them, they decide to take off anyway.

One evening after Barney had taken off with the

Solarcycle and had cruised around above the trees for

about an hour or so, Barney spotted something, he

couldn’t really get a good view so he decided to move in

for a closer look. That was all he needed! He spotted the

criminals, it was the S******, Barney was shocked!

Right when he was about to turn around a bullet ripped

through the Solarcycles wing. It was too late; the

Solarcycle was spinning dangerously towards the


He hit the ground and was knocked out. The next

thing he knew he woke up laying down and the s******

leaning over him. Suddenly the s****** was pointing a

gun at his head and said he was going to kill him for

spying on him. When suddenly lights appeared all over

and voices said,” Back away from the kid, put your

hands above your head!” And he did so, and everyone

lived happily ever after except for the S******.



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