The Matrix Movie Review Essay Research Paper

The Matrix Movie Review Essay, Research Paper

Video Production Feb. 4, 2001

The conspicuous film, The Matrix, starring Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne,

Carrie-Anne Moss and Hugo Weaving and directed by Andy Wachowski was a

successful film with unforgettable action. The genre of The Matrix is science fiction/

action. It contains constant kung-fu fighting and always leaves you at the edge of your

seat. It is also science fiction since it takes place in the year 2306, where humans no

longer control the world, instead machines do. The Matrix fits its genre suitably and

keeps you entertained from beginning to end.

Keanu Reeves starrs as Neo, the computer hacker who is seeking the answer to

the question, ?what is the matrix?? His search leads him to the wise Morphius who

explains to Neo the illusion of the so-called reality. The world he is in is the Matrix, it is

computer generated world made by the ?machines?, the machines control the humans and

keep them in place. Morphius offers Neo a chance to unplug from the Matrix and go into

the real world and Neo takes to offer. Neo is now in the real world and must fight for his

life against the inhuman government agents who are ?no one, but everyone? as Morphius

quotes. Morphius is led to believe that Neo is ?the one? to save the human race and defeat

the agents, yet Neo doesn?t believe in himself. Neo doesn?t believe in fate, he doesn?t

like the idea that he isn?t in control of his own life. Eventually, he becomes strong and

believes that he is the one and defeats the government agents and falls in love with the

courageous Trinity. By defeating the agents Neo is one step closer to helping save the

human race.

The Matrix is interesting because it plays with the idea of real and illusion, it is

also unique in this way. No film has ever questioned, how do we know the difference

between the dream world and the real world? This movie lets us explore and ponder on

that question and if it could really happen. Us being introduced to this new idea is what

makes the film engaging, we wonder whether this could really happen or be happening to

us. It is a striking movie since we could easily relate to the reactions and choices all

characters make.

The characters in the movie are all unique in personality, but they all have one

similarity. The similarity that brought them to the real world, which is curiosity. Each

character is unique in their own way. Morphius has a way with words, he easily

persuades anyone. He is experienced and wise, and doesn?t give in too easily. Neo on the

other hand is determined and doesn?t give up on anyone or anything. He likes being in

control of his own life and is always unsure of everyone or anything. Trinity is not as

determined but is intelligent and very serious. The inhuman government agent are

monotone and have no feeling, they are basically life-less. Their power is way out of

Morphius?s control but the only power they don?t have it the power to leave the matrix.

They try to gain that power from Morphius and everyone else.

The characters fulfill their role suitably but not as good as it could have been. For

example, there could have been more scenes showing Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) and

Neo (Keanu Reeves) falling in love, because them falling in love seemed too sudden, like

they barely knew eachother. Although, Morphius (Laurence Fishburne) played his role as

Neo?s guide very well. He was very wise and was with Neo every step of the way. Sipher

(Hugo Weaver) was the one who betrayed the group so he could go back to the matrix.

He even killed two of the people who where in the group. Weaver played his role well

because from the beginning we can already see that he doesn?t like the real world, he

rather be in the matrix. This foreshadows that he will betray the group.

Visually, the movie is great, everything is very clear and easily understood.

Everything throughout the movie is clear, it doesn?t jump from one place to another like

some movie do. The costumes and make up are also well done. When the characters are

in the matrix they have black shiny and futuristic clothes. When they are in the real

world, they have ugly rags on. By doing this, one can easily tell when the characters are

in the matrix or in the real world. Next, there are really interesting shots. When ever there

was some kind of fighting, it was usually in slow motion, which made it interesting and

unique. There are also at least three shots where you look at a scene through a reflection.

For example, when we were looking at Neo through the reflection of Morphius?s sun

glasses, or when we were looking at him through reflection of a spoon and also a car

reflection mirror.

Music goes well with the genre, it is all techno and rock. This makes you really

feel like it is an action movie. The sound effects during the combat fighting are sufficient

and the are convincing.

The purpose of the filmmaker for making this movie is to get the audience

thinking if this could really happen to us or if it did. He is trying to get the audience to

wonder, are we in the matrix right now and don?t even know it?

The best aspect of this movie it that it is unique, no movie like this has ever been

made. That is what makes it so engaging, the audience wants to learn about the matrix.

They are just as curious as Neo is. They are with him every step of then way, completely

glued to the movie screen. The audience loves the suspense.

In conclusion, this movie is one of my favorite movies. It is stimulating and

leaves you thinking a long time after the movie is over. One should see it because

although I dislike sci-fi movies, yet this one I like. I recommend it to anyone who want to

explore a different type of movie or who just wants to see some awesome kung-fu



this is a movie review of the film, The Matrix, it has all the movie review criteria u will need!

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