People And Their Annoying Habits Essay Research

People And Their Annoying Habits Essay, Research Paper

English 3 People and Their Annoying Habits Misty 1/30/00

Have you ever noticed that some people do things that make you want to

scream, and when you tell them to stop, they didn?t even realize that they were

doing it? Or maybe you tell them to stop and they say something like, ?I can?t help

it, it?s a habit.? Well, I have and I am going to discuss the different situations and

different ways people are annoying. Such as in the classroom at school and with

friends, or while giving a speech or even when meeting new people. People can be

annoying whether in a large group or just watching people, but these are a few

places and atmospheres that I have noticed the most frequent annoyances. When in

a large group such as at school, or with a group of peers, I often notice many things

that people do that I find down right annoying. Usually they are not doing it to

purposely get on my nerves but nonetheless, it does.

Is the classroom the most common place for annoying people? If you think no,

read on and you will see why I think it is. Sometimes when sitting in class I hear this

little tapping noise, after awhile my mind gets used to it I guess, then I do not really

pay any attention to it. Then, the tapping becomes louder and faster, I look around

the room, to see someone playing the drums with their pencils! I make eye contact

and receive an innocent, ? What?? I have failed to understand this response. Why

do they think I am glaring at them? Could it be that I am trying to learn and they

are playing ?Wild Thing? with their pencils ? If I am not being serenaded by a

pencil drummer, I am being shaken to death by someone who is shaking their leg

under the table. Do they not realize that neither I nor anyone else can read or write

when the table is shaking rapidly?

Friends are very special people in our lives but that does not mean that they are

free from annoying habits. When hanging around with friends day in and day out,

you begin to notice the annoying things that they do. Ever notice how your friends

are telling a little secret, and start to wonder if it could be about you? Mission

accomplished. It may or may not be about you but nine times out of ten, they are

trying to make you feel self-conscious. It really isn?t a hurtful thing as much as it is

annoying. Another annoying thing I have noticed about friends, is when you greet

them somewhere, they casually look at what you are wearing and observe the

brands. I am thinking, ?My gosh, if you want to know that bad just ask, it?s not like I

can?t see you breaking your neck to see what kind of jeans I have on!? These are little

things that some people have grown up doing but it doesn?t mean you don?t want to

smack them for it.

There are also times when a person is alone or with only a few people like when

giving a speech, and they do annoying things. Such as when someone is in front of

the class, sometimes they stu-stu-stutter and I just want to say, ?Hey there, calm

down and take a few breaths. Now, talk slow and calm.? But, that would not be all

that nice, so I don?t. Or maybe they repeat words, like, ?uh,? or ?um? a lot. I am

sure these are only signs of apprehension but are still very annoying.

Sometimes they are giving a speech with a friend or a group of peers and they

argue. It is the same scenario every time, ?It is your turn,? ?No it isn?t,? ?Yes it is!?

Meanwhile the audience is bored out of their minds. Usually they are

given at least a week to get ready for this, so why can?t they just be organized and

at least not fight when they get up there?

Another annoyance, although not a large one, takes place when meeting new

people. The main thing is that sometimes people act different than normal, which I

never understood. Sometimes when girls meet boys, they change their voice, or act

like they are a bimbo when in fact, they are not. Why can?t they be themselves? The

guy is going to catch on eventually. Or when a guy meets a new girl, sometimes he

will try to act all macho and mean, when in fact he is a nice guy. Another thing I

have noticed is something that both girls and boys are guilty of. That is when they

meet someone new and pretend not to really like someone or pretend they are not

there, simply to make themselves look better. Cruel? Definitely.

Whether someone is playing drums with their pencil, shaking like a leaf on the

wind, or putting the dis on a friend, to boost themself, annoying is annoying and if

people could just work on these things, I think that would have some impact on

their social standings. Some people do not realize that by being annoying they can

actually build up tension in the people around them. I cannot say that I am not

guilty of tapping or telling an occasional secret in front of someone, but I try my

best not to be annoying and it really is not all that difficult.


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