My Stage In Moral Development Essay Research

My Stage In Moral Development Essay, Research Paper

My Stage in Moral Development

In the beginning, I was quite confused on what stage I would pick for it would be very difficult to for me to determine the stage I consider myself to be and the stage my peers see me to be. But in a case like this, I decided to trust my own judgement. The first stage, which is the punishment and obedience orientation, is not an issue for me anymore because when I was younger I was taught with the carrot and stick approach. This meaning that for every right thing I do I get a reward like the carrot and for every wrong, I end up getting hit by the stick. Every child has to be taught to determine what is right and what is wrong. To me, this stage is gone through with every child.

The second stage, which is the Instrument and Relativity Orientation, is a stage that I think I have already gone through. I can say this because I know what is good for others and me. I have separated my own interests and points of view from those of authorities and others. In layman?s terms, this is simply helping my parents by doing good in what I do and being responsible to do good.

The third stage, which is the Interpersonal Concordance Orientation, is one that I have definitely gone through. This stage is where I get to be friends with others. It is about my relationsips to other people. I believe that I have quite a good number of friends I can turn to and I actually think that I am a good friend. Friends to me are very important to my life for they are the people I turn to in times of need and in return I would be at their rescue when they need me.

The fourth stage, which is the Law and Order Orientation, is the stage I consider myself to be in. As a young adult, I have realized that ignorance to the law excuses no one. A while back, my good friend was convicted for two counts of murder and he wasn?t guilty of the crime. We live in a world so corrupt that sometimes the truth will not prevail. I believe that I am in this stage of moral development because I am bothered with many ideas of bending the law. Take for instance, when driving at three-o clock in the morning, the light is red but no one is around intersection except a car right behind you. The car pulls up beside you and run the red light. I face the ethical dilemma of doing the same.

To me, everyone should obey the law. But idea of bending it from time to time is still quite tempting. Getting drunk on weekends does not stop me from driving home endangering other motorists. This is a very serious ethical issue that I only do very once in a blue moon. I know it?s not right but I enjoy doing it. So what the heck? Life is just to precious and too short and I think that we should live life to the fullest.

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