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Wuthering Heights- Soap Of The 19Th Century

Essay, Research Paper

Wuthering Heights- Soap of the 19th Century

Wuthering Heights is indeed a timeless story. Its ideals have been, will be, and are currently being used in modern writing. The basic plot of the story is the basis for many things in today s entertainment industry as well. All in all Wuthering Heights isn t limited to its time period.

The elements and themes of Wuthering Heights are some that go hand in hand with relationships and humanity. These elements have been used in many past literary works as well as with many modern ones. Many of the fables of the past included impossible loves. In these fables the hero usually fell in love with a princess or the lady of the story. He then, in many cases, could not be with her. This is an element in Wuthering Heights. Heathcliff loves Catherine but cannot act on his emotion because of Linton. This theme is also evident in many of the so-called romance novels of today. In many of the novels the love may be impossible but they still happen, mainly in the physical aspect. The reason this theme is so popular is its existence in human nature. Many people love people they cannot be with ever. An example of this is the boyband craze. Many of the young girls love the members of these groups but they can never act on this in a real setting. To do so would be ludicrous. These basic human truths, all though elements of Wuthering Heights, are pretty timeless in themselves.

Much of the worlds entertainment industry uses elements of Wuthering Heights in much of their productions. The most obvious is a soap opera. This uses just about all of the elements from the novel. All are interwoven to create a new and fake life on TV that is both interesting and a little unsettling. The most common theme used in soaps is the revenge theme. Their use is different than Heathcliffs though. His is discontinued towards the end. The revenge in much of the soaps is acted and is usually cruel and unusual. They feel, as Heathcliff did, that the revenge will bring them closer to their desires and losses. Another major theme is the impossible love theme. All though much of the love going on is impossible love, soap writers work in the ever-existent affair, which overlooks impossibility. Another aspect of Hollywood that uses the elements is the movie industry. Many of the movies produced now have some kind of possible love and/or revenge in them. These act as soaps though. The themes and elements used to drive Wuthering Heights are used quite rampantly in the entertainment industry, and it obviously draws much revenue.

In the end Wuthering Heights is not confined to the 19th century. Its ideals are used in the past, the present, and will be used in the future. The elements come straight from the human emotion and brain. They are the reactions and wishes of everyone. (In some way or another.)