The Truth Essay Research Paper I

The Truth ? Essay, Research Paper

I think that all the answers are in the religious teachings.

In the beginning god made man in his own image and that was Adam.

He then took a rib from Adam and made Eve, I think that the rib was a part of the chromosome, how would you explain to a person so many thousands of years ago about genetic engineering? He also created us in his image and then at a later date shortened the life span of man.

Adam and all the earlier characters of the bible lived to be over 900 years old and I don?t think the had the timing wrong, I think that god or the gods(?let us create man in our Image ?genesis 1:26) came back and altered the time to live for human beings. Now we are learning how to take control of our own destiny and soon we will live for a long time again most of the people still have the mentality of ?believing that the earth is flat and the sun goes round the earth?

Wake up!

Yes god does exist and did create us but through evolution and aliens(Angels), why do most people think that it was all instant, it is still ongoing, god is still creating us, we are not finished yet!

Religion is like and eggshell without it the chicken will die in early live stages, but if the chicken cannot hatch then it will suffocate.

If man did not learn simple morals in the earlier stages of our race then we would have killed everyone or something horrid.

Now to teach man to listen then, the only way you could was to put the fear of eternal death or worst eternal suffering into him.

Now in the earlier parts of the bible you had the way of living which was an eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth.

Great we then reached a level of respect to a degree and was going around in circles because man was believing that once he had overstepped the line he was doomed so why carry on being good.

The only way to get the superstitious race out of this way of thinking was to send Christ who would then relieve man from his mental trap.

I believe that your path in life is created by you power of thought and if you keep thinking that you have done wrong you will not be thinking positive and will not reach happiness/reach heaven.

You would stay in hell (mental state, depression not being able to let go of your past and live for now only, you can make yourself happy).

So he came and died for our sins and now we were set free and forgiven of our wrongs and thus it was worth always trying to better ourselves


Now we have reached a stage where we need to become conscious of our thoughts and always be positive, work inwards.


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