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College Entrance Essay Research Paper A young

College Entrance Essay, Research Paper

A young man dresses in Dockers and a freshly starched shirt enters a large room filled with about Twenty-eight people eagerly awaiting his arrival. As he proceeds into the room, the young man exchanges a nervous smile with those in attendance; the room soon falls silent. Although the silence was only for a few moments, it felt as if it were an eternity for all in the room. The young man who nervously introduces himself, and begins to describe his reason for attending breaks the dead silence. ?Hello, my name is Mr.?, and I will be your teacher for the next 40 weeks.? This is how I envision myself in 5 years. Throughout my life I have had many dreams of becoming everything from a firefighter to an astronaut, however with maturity I have narrowed it down to one aspiration.

I have many strengths and some weaknesses. History long has been an academic strength of mine. It has long intrigued me, and also greatly influenced my own beliefs. My great interest in history and many influential teachers, have led me to strive to become a teacher. The greatest gift that can be bestowed upon a student, is in my view a teacher who eager to create a positive learning environment. I have had three remarkable social studies teachers throughout my academic life. All of which come from different walks of life with opposing views. Most recently during my senior year of high school I have had the pleasure of having a young social studies teacher. This young man only a few years older than myself, has achieved part of what I hope to accomplish in my own life. He has become someone who will have a positive impact on the life of others. It is this goal in life that connects all three teachers and myself. I consider myself to be the product of their aspirations and teachings.

Along with much strength come weaknesses. One deficiency of mine is in the area of math. Math has long been a source of great stress in my life. Throughout my academic career math has sustained its position as the lowest grade on every report card. I have however learned to overcome my weakness by working harder. Another weakness of mine is that of procrastination. My own tendency to procrastinate has caused many problems throughout my past academic years. It really has never been a case of ?I cannot? in my life but ?I?d rather not?. Within the past two academic years I have tried to achieve what I am truly capable of doing, and hopefully making up for past mistakes. I now believe that anything short of 100% effort is my own mistake of not focusing on the problem at hand.

?It?s always helpful to learn from your mistakes because then your mistakes seem worthwhile.? -Garry Marshall, Wake me when it?s funny (Adams Media)

I am at a time in my life, where, for once, few things can be predicted. Where I?ll be next year I do not know, but somehow I know that I?ll still be the same person inside, with the same hopes and aspirations to one day make a positive impact on the lives of others.