Creative Thinking Essay Research Paper 12 STEPS

Creative Thinking Essay, Research Paper


by James Lund

Do you ever get thinker’s block? You have to come up with a great idea for a project, buy the perfect gift, write a sermon, develop a solution to an on-going problem – and nothing comes to mind? Your frustration at not having a ready response can inhibit any further creative thinking. Don’t despair – try one or more of these ideas:

· 1- Right away, write it down. Record your ideas as soon as you think of them. Keep paper and pen handy at all times – in your car, by your television, on your nightstand.

· 2- Listen to music. Listen to whatever sparks your imagination, whether it’s Bach, the Beatles, or something you’ve never heard before.

· 3- Exercise. Go for a run, shoot some hoops, do jumping jacks – anything that starts your blood pumping and keeps your mind sharp.

· 4- Brainstorm with a friend, co-worker, or 6-year-old. Talk with someone who looks at the world differently than you do. Chances are he or she will inspire a new approach.

· 5- Do it poorly. If you’re a perfectionist, don’t be. Create something that isn’t necessarily your best work, but that gets the job done. Then go back to fix it or redo it.

· 6- Watch people. Go downtown or to the mall, sit on a bench, and observe the passersby, imagining what kind of life they lead.

· 7- Keep a journal. Write about your life and what’s important to you, then revisit your old thoughts when you need new ideas.

· 8- Pray or read the Bible. Putting life into spiritual perspective can take the pressure off needing an immediate solution and can jump-start the creative juices.

· 9- Free-write. Sit down at the computer or with a pen and paper and write whatever comes into your mind. You might be surprised at what comes out.

· 10- Change your locale. Find a new quiet place – a park, the beach, a library, or just a different room – and let your mind wander.

· 11 Wash the dishes or mow the lawn. It’s easy and it gives you a feeling of accomplishment while you’re trying to think.

· 12- Sleep on it. If nothing is working, your best bet may be to give up for now. Let your subconscious create overnight and you’ll have fresh ideas tomorrow.


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