Siberian Husky Essay Research Paper Siberian Huskies

Siberian Husky Essay, Research Paper

Siberian Huskies are thought to have come from Siberia

when there was a land bridge between Alaska and Siberia.

The Siberian Husky has some very unusual characteristics.

Some of the characteristics are behavioral and some are

physical. Overall the Siberian Husky is a beautiful, trustworthy

and loyal companion to its master and family.

Some of the Siberian Huskies unusual physical traits can be

found in their eyes. The Siberian Husky can have blue eyes or

brown eyes or one of eye of each color (to have one of each

color is a physical flaw). It also has a strong compact body

which help them trap and kill their pray; strong straight legs,

which enable them to run with long hopping strides; a deep

chest, which allows them to knock their pray off their feet; and a

curved bushy tail, such as a fox. (Sled Dogs, 21-2). The

Siberian Husky has two layers of fur; an under-coat and an

outer-coat. The under-coat is designed to protect them from the

rain and snow and keeps them warm in the winter, therefore,

allowing them to be able to be sled dogs. The outer-coat is to

protect them from stinging bugs, ticks, thorny bushes and ice.

(Compton s).

Some of the unusual behavioral traits that Huskies are known

to have are their relationship with their masters is one that must

be built over time. The Husky does not trust immediately, their

trust must be earned. The Husky likes to explore new areas and

are curious animals by nature. They wonder from their domain

in order to conquer new territory. The Huskies are strong-willed

and stubborn dogs. They are very territorial but also remain

gentle and friendly with their master and family. If their master

abuses them they will become very aggressive and are likely to

turn and attack their owner. They are very good family dogs,

they are especially good with children. (Animal Behavior


This particular dog is used for dog sledding because it is

strong, can run long distances and their bodies can withstand the

bitter cold weather. In addition, the Husky is used for hunting

and as a watch dog. Huskies have keen senses, they can hunt

well and can run fast. (Compton s)

The Siberian Husky is a hunter by nature. They hunt for

their meals, and eat a variety of different wild meets and weeds.

Some of the most common foods of the Husky are snow rabbits,

deer and raw meats, unless they are domesticated. A

domesticated Husky will eat processed dog food and/or table

scraps; which ever the master desires to feed them.

Some accomplishments of the Siberian Husky are that in

1909 the first all Siberian Husky dog sled team was formed to

race in the All Alaskan Sweepstakes Race. The Husky was

recognized as an official breed by the American Kennel Club in

1930. (The Complete Dog Book 113-7).

I think the Siberian Husky is an excellent dog for a family to own. It will

provide a good companion as well as an effective watch dog because it is

very protective of its owner and family. From experience I have found out

that the Siberian Husky is a very loyal and intelligent dog. They listen and

learn well as long as the proper amount of time is devoted to the Husky s



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