Antigone Essay Research Paper Final Fantasy IX

Antigone Essay, Research Paper

Final Fantasy IX Square’s final Final Fantasy for PlayStation takes the series back to a medieval setting and super-deformed characters. The story, characters, and visuals all have a remarkable charm to them — this is great high adventure for an all-ages audience. Online Strategy Guide Our complete Final Fantasy IX guide gives you everything you need to survive Square’s latest masterpiece, including a full walkthrough, secrets, tips, characters, and more. Register here to access our complete guide for free. Alternate Ending You have to finish the Stellazzio (Zodiac) Quest and keep “Shina’s Hammer”, which you find in the room after fighting Lich on disk #4. Don’t lose, use, or sell/combine the hammer. It has to be present in your inventory for you to get the alternate ending. Black Jack Mini-Game To play the Black Jack mini-game, do the following code at the end screen after the credit roll:

R2, L1, R2, R2, Up, X, Right, Circle, Down, Triangle, L2, R1, R2, L1, Square, and Square Coffee Quest Give the guy at the Watchtower in Dali the three coffee beans he wants and he will give you the Prima Vista figurine.

Here is where you find the beans:

? Pass near the Chocobo Forest, around the right side of the screen.

? In the Madain Sari kitchen

? Disc 3, before finishing the Card Game (While you’re waiting for King Cid) head to Dali and check the Chief’s hut for a key to the previously locked door inside the windmill.

Complete Card List for Tetra Master Below, you will find the complete Card List for the Tetra Master (Quadmist) Card Game in FFIX.

1. Goblin 2. Fang 3. Skeleton 4. Purin 5. Sakunaru

6. Lizard Man 7. Zombie 8. Bomb 9. Aironette 10. Sabakin

11. Iiti 12. Mimic 13. Weird 14. Mandrake 15. Crawler

16. Sand Scorpion 17. Minf 18. Sand Golem 19. Su 20. Dragonfly

21. Carrion Worm 22. Cerebrous 23. Andrion 24. Sabotaner 25. Black Cat

26. Rock Time Max 27. Headbonkbye 28. Rauaimonk 29. Ochu 30. Doru

31. Frei Senpent 32. Akia Monster 33. Som Select 34. Sropper 35. Dandarian

36. Grand Dragon 37. Feather Circle 38. Hacked Eyes 39. Ork 40. Armstrong

41. Ash 42. Leis 43. Gargoyle 44. Weeper 45. Grimlock

46. Tonberry 47. Ariman 48. Garuda 49. Morbol 50. MuPa

51. Abadon 52. Behemoth 53. Steel Giant 54. Shin Ryu

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