Destruction Of The World Trade Center Essay

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A tragic event – Destruction of The World Trade Center

A short duration ago, on September 11 of 2001, our no longer called peaceful

lives were interrupted by the terrorist attack on The World Trade Center. This dreadful attack costing

thousands of people their lives and their families, transformed The World Trade Center into pieces.

Hijacked airplanes by terrorist flew directly into The World Trade Center. People who could not

endure the heat caused by the blasting of the airplanes jumped out of The World Trade Center. This

attack in a sense proved to be good as it resulted in the unity of millions of Americans “United we


This terrorist attack resulted in the death of many innocent lives and families, including little babies and children. Some people were fortunate enough to survive. After the attack, the expiration of the people was so unconclusive, that they were being identified by their bones and not by their bodies. Passengers in the airplane called their relatives to give them a final goodbye. Some passengers informed the airports and police departments from their cellular phones of the situation on the airplane. Unfortunately, the police and the airports could not do anything to stop the airplanes from landing and save the innocent population.

Two airplanes directly hit The World Trade Center severly damaging it resultingly, tearing it apart into pieces. After the plane crash, the buildings were standing tall with an airplane stuck in it but, the damage was so severe that both buildings collapsed straight down. Some people flew down from The World Trade Center from the 100th, 103rd, etc. floors because they could not endure the heat resulted by the blasting of the airplanes. Some of the survivers flew down the stairs, after the attack to save their lives.

One good consequence that resulted form this attack, was that it brought the people of the United States of America closer to one another. The Americans forgot about their differences and prayed together for the death of many innocent people and many brave fire-fighters who gave up their lives for the sake of the lives of many innocent Americans. At this point of time, the people of United States of America stood next to each other holding candles and praying for the good sake of the lives of those thousands of Americans.

Thus, in conclusion, this dreadful terrorist attack resulted in the expiration of many innocent lives and the heroes of the thid tragedy. Furthermore, this attack transformed The World Trade Center into pieces of ash. People jumped out from the building from over 100th floors resulting in death or in some cases highly dangerous injuries. This attack united the Americans in a way. This attack proved to be a legend in the United States of America. “One Nation, Indivisible”


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