Monet Essay Research Paper Several years ago

Monet Essay, Research Paper

Several years ago when I was ten I had an opportunity to

travel to France. I went to a few museums which I liked

including Yhe Louvre and The Pompidou Center. The museum I found

most interesting was Mus’ee D’ Orsay. All the paintings at

Mus’ee D’ Orsay were impressionist paintings. Claude Monet was

the artist who intrigued me the most. What I liked particularly

about his paintings was a lot of them consisted of his wife and

his son. My absolute favorite painting was Woman with a Parasol.

There are a few different paintings of his wife with a parasol

which look quite similar. Some are by herself and at least one

is with her son in the background. That is the one I chose to


Claude Monet was born in Giverny, France about fifty miles

from Paris on November 14,1840. His family moved to Le’ Havre

when he was five. He thought living on the coast was crucial to

the development of his visual responses, particularly to the

light and atmosphere which so governed his inspiration. (monet

pg.7) Monet lived and traveled several places throughout his

life. He married his wife Camille in 1870. He had two sons,

Jean and Michel. Camille died in 1879 from tuberculosis(mount

pg.309) when Claude was only thirty- seven years old. He did

remarry Alice Hoschede’ in 1892 but there is no achknowledgement

of Claude painting her in any of his paintings, only his first

wife Camille. He was in great agony when she died.

Monet is credited with the birth of impressionism.(martini

pg.5) Monet says,” I paint as a bird sings.” His painting

‘Impression, Sunrise” of 1872 gave the impressionist movement its

name.(Monet pg.6)

Impressionism is described by myself as someone who looks at

a scene and then tries to create it in a way to make it look

unreal yet extrodinary. The word “impressionism” conjures up a

brightly colored, modestly sized picture of a light- filled

landscape or cityscape painted with broken brushwork.(Thompson

and Howard pg.6)

Impressionism began in the

essay on monet and his work


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