Studying Humanities Essay Research Paper Studying HumanitiesThroughout

Studying Humanities Essay, Research Paper

Studying Humanities

Throughout life one faces many obstacles against himself and mankind.

By triumphing over these conflicts a person develops characteristics in

correspondence to his or her experience. Humanities is the study of this basic

cycle of life and its effect upon all cultures and nations. Today’s generation,

like many before and many to come, can attain a better understanding of the

present course of history through the study of the past mankind experiences, or


The question of time travel into the future is simply a raw thought.

Therefore, until one can travel into his or her future, mankind must rely on the

past actions of society to determine the future course of life. For this reason,

I believe that my enrollment in the advanced placement Humanities course is a

necessity in preparing me for my future. Also, my previous academic decisions

have been the foundation for this class.

The driving force behind my final decision to apply myself to an

advanced placement class is due to the fact that I want to be able to go into

the real world with some understanding of how and why it functions as it does on

a daily basis. Through the study of humanities, I hope to attain this goal.

The past classes which have helped to prepare me for the advanced placement

Humanities course have been three years of English honors, one year of United

States history honors, and the present enrollment of advanced placement United

States history. These classes have challenged me as a student to strive,

achieve, and excel beyond my expectations. More importantly, the instructors of

the classes have placed in me a better understanding of the world in which I

live in and how it came to be. Beyond the classroom, many life experiences have

prepared me for this course. In my seventh year of grade school I moved to

Dallas, Texas. This was one of the most difficult periods of my lifetime as of

yet. I had to learn how to start all over again and still be everything that I

had been and could be. Eventually, I was triumphant in overcoming the obstacle

of being in a different school, state, and frame of mind. I learned from this

experience to always look towards the future, and not dwell upon something that

is beyond my control. Overall, advanced placement Humanities will further my

development in the classroom and out.

The study of Humanities included in ones curriculum is impertinent to

understand the many ways of life. Hence, my enrollment in Humanities is the key

to my success.


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