Civil Diobedience Essay Research Paper While studying

Civil Diobedience Essay, Research Paper

While studying Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience” in my group, I learned that patience is necessary when working with people. Although when I came to this conclusion I was not aware of the comforts and advantages of working in a group. Some people like working in groups, then there are the independent type, these people enjoy working on their own. These people generally tend to be not very sociable. Of course there are exceptions to everything.

Some people on the other hand are able to work as a group, or independently. Before Mrs. Childress’ English III class, I was only able to work by myself. In the past few weeks I have gained knowledge in trying to communicate with people. I am now fairly comfortable in working in a group.

To be successful in life you must be able to work with people. You must also learn to set goals. My group had a goal to complete the project successfully. I feel that we have succeeded in that. My goal for the group was to translate the literature into something a little more understandable for the average eleventh grader. This goal was a little harder to reach.

I felt that the reading was quite complex. I had to read the selection a couple of times before it actually started to make sense. Thoreau’s’ writing is much different from any previous authors writing. I cannot compare his writing to anything I have read before. I hope that my group was successful in translating his writing to a more simplified text. This was one of our group’s weaknesses.

Using PowerPoint came very easy to me, because I have taken classes that involve PowerPoint. The other members of my group thought that this program was easy to use also. So that was one of our group’s strengths.

While working with my group I learned that fancy presentations is only part of your grade, Content is the other. As I mentioned above, this presentation has helped me to develop “People Skills”, or working with others. Working with others comes easier to more sociable people. This was one of my weaknesses. My strength would be PowerPoint. My role for the group was the major design of the presentation. I feel that I have succeeded in my role. I felt this project to be an overall success.


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