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Science Investigation Essay, Research Paper

Science Investigation


In this investigation we are going to find out which fuel

contains the most energy by burning each fuel and using its

heat to heat up water.


I predict that Ethanol will contain the most energy.

I can backup my answer by referring to my scientific


Ethanol will burn the quickest because it has more energy

stored within its bonds C-C-C .


In this experiment I will change the fuels, I will use

different fuels.

I will use 120ml of water to boil and I will keep that the

same all the way throughout the experiment. I will measure

the temperature of the water before I heat it and I will

use the same amount of fuel each time to keep the

experiment fair, I will also keep it a fair test by heating

the water for the same amount of time for each fuel.

Below is a list of all the equipment which I will need for

my experiment:

*Different types of fuels

*Tin lids




The first thing which I will do is weigh the fuels and note

down the results, then I will place a tin lid underneath

the tripod and place the first fuel on the tin, then I will

measure 120ml of water and place it in a beaker on top of

the tripod and will take down the temperature of the water

and then I will burn the fuel and use it to heat up the

water for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes I will weigh the fuel

and take the temperature of the water, I will repeat this

process using all of the fuels and then I will use the

following formula to work out the Energy given out:

Energy = Mass (g) (0.120) X 4200 (SHC) X Temp Change.

To make the experiment safe I will wear goggles to protect

my eyes from any fuel spillage which could damage my eyes.


I will show my result by drawing various different types of

graphs and tables.

Below are the Energy amounts in J which each fuel gave out:

Meta fuel 6552 J

Ethanol 12096 J

Propane 8064 J

Methanol 9072 J

Peanut 5049 J

To make my results more accurate and fair I measured each

fuel more than once.

>From looking at my results I have found that Ethanol gives

the most energy, which was around 12000 J and then it was

Methanol in secound place. From my results I can say that

my prediction was right and I can say that the reason why

Ethanol made the most energy is because it was the

strongest because it had more energy stored in its bonds.

If I had more time to improve my experiment I would repeat

each fuel several time and I would spend some time

comparing my results with my friends.


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