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Workforce Diversity Essay, Research Paper


Workplace diversity is a worldwide concept that continues to evolve as more industries move into the global market. Most people try and hold the belief that all people are of equal stature and deserve all of the same opportunities invariant of their race, age, gender, disability, religion or sexual preference. This concept which is becoming multi-faceted is leading to changes in the American workforce, creating equal privileges and opportunities for every human being.

The idea of diversity in the workplace is the business?s reaction to sociological changes and pressure from social rights groups. In creating a diverse work setting their must be an atmosphere where all employees feel that they are valued by and contributing to an organization. Unfortunetly this is to ideal, and inequalities do exist within business organizations. This discrimination is due to stereotyping and preconceived ideas about a person?s race, religion, gender, sexual preference, and disabilities. ?Diversity consciousness cannot be simply mandated into a system, integrated into a corporate culture, prompted by financial incentives. It is reflective of an attitude that organizations and their basic concepts about workers and converts them into us.? (Becker 1)

Affirmative Action

Affirmitive action and equal oppurtunity came as a political response to the societies outcry over discrimination and injustices that take place in the workplace.

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Three decades ago Lyndon Johnson coined the term ?affirmative action? and since then the workplace has slowly transformed from the stereotypical white, heterosexual male to a more culturally diverse place of work.

Becker, Beverley. ?Managing Workplace Diversity.?

April 30, 1997.


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