Celebrities In The Media Essay Research Paper

Celebrities In The Media Essay, Research Paper

Celebrities on Trial

Contrary to much public opinion, the plummeting of morals among today s children has a lot to do with the people that we vote into office, and sports heroes , that we pay to endorse. Why is it that they are put on trial, only it seems to be, to receive preferential treatment? Today s celebrities and politicians should be treated, and punished, just like anyone else.

The United States Presidency is a position of honor and respect. A good moral character is necessary. Bill Clinton, was recently acquitted in his senate hearing on perjury charges in affiliation with Monica Lewinsky. This makes me very angry because he is guilty of perjury, adultery, and possession of a bad moral character. Adultery is something that shouldn t be committed at all, let alone by our President. It is wrong, in my opinion, for Mr. Clinton, to hold such a high office, and set terrible examples for today s youth. People are supposed to look up to this man. I, personally disrespect him. Our country needs to realize that he s just like anyone else that commits a crime, so why do we let him get away with it? Our country is very much oblivious to these actions.

O.J. Simpson, a former football celebrity, was acquitted on charges of killing his ex-wife, Nicole, and a friend, Ron Goldman. O.J. was a very violent person, and had beaten Nicole many times before. Aside from the fact that he was a celebrity, he s also a bad person, that I believe murdered Nicole and Ron in a jealous rage. I also feel that he manipulated the court with his staus. Many jurors admit to being starstruck, watching in disbelief, letting their emotions and racism interfere with what was supposed to be a fair trial. This was a trial, trying a person. No one special, because we re all considered equal in a courtroom, whatever that means (in this case). Many people, obviously, didn t do their job. We, America, are very much, again, oblivious to these actions.

We, America, put our trust into Bill Clinton s hands, and now he s causing our nation s four year-olds to ask what oral sex is. Why did we look up to O.J. in the first place? It was his talent, not his temper, right? It s only a wonder why our nation s youth is experiencing so many crises. Look at the role models that are presented before them! These are 2 examples of people in the media that weren t (aren t) judged for their actions. It s just plain scary that Bill Clinton s ratings are at an all-time high.

Many people believe that all of this business should be kept private, but don t you want to know what kind of person you re paying taxes to keep in office? Hopefully our country will soon have a revelation and realize what s happening. In the meantime, I ll be campaigning for Elizabeth Dole!


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