Witchcraft In The Colonies Essay Research Paper

Witchcraft In The Colonies Essay, Research Paper

Witchcraft in the ColoniesSalem, MassachusettsThesis-In Salem fear of the different led to mass hysteria and panic, people lashed out blindly and accused the innocent. I. CausesA. by late 1640’s witchcraft shifted dramatically1. began spinning out of control2. began rising in accusationsB. for many years people believed in witches1. Christianity spread through out early Europe2. after spread of Christianity, witches were accused of flirting with the devil. C. accusations were made against almost anyone1. when a witch was found guilty they would forfit their land2. land was given to victimII. PeopleA. forty one children claimed to be possesed in Salem1. twenty six sons2. sixteen daughtersB. Neighbor turned against neighbor1. there was hysteria2. afraid of the unknownC. Witch hunters1. searched and found accused witches2. people often banned from colonies for witchcraftIII. Trials and ConvictionsA. Deaths in Salem1. happened because of fear2. twenty innocent people executedB. Early Christian Churches1. prosocuted many innocent people2. up to 30,000 put to death between 1484-1782C. People often tortured1. confessed even if they were innocent2. confessed to end torture and their lifeD. Many tests to find a witch1. Prickinga. poked accused with sharp objectb. if they felt no pain thet were a witch2. Water testa. person thrown into body of water(1) sank-innocent(2) floated-witch; put to deathEssay:In Salem Massachusetts, fear of the different led to mass hysteria and panic, people lashed out blindly accusing the innocent. By the late 1640’s witchcraft shifted dramatically (Karlson 19). Witchcraft began spinning out of control (Karlson 19). It began rising in accusations (Karlson 19). For many years people believed in witches (212.net). Christian-ity spread throughout early Europe (212.net). After the spread of Christianity witches were accused of flirting with the devil (212.net). Accusations were made against almost anyone (Karlson 80). When an accused witch was found guilty, they forfited their land (Karlson 80). The land was then given to the victim (Karlson 80).

In 1692 the Salem, Massachusetts incident began (usa1.com). Forty one children claimed to be possessed (Karlson 188). Twenty six sons claimed to be possesed (Karlson 188). Fifteen daughters also claimed to be possesed (Karlson 188). Neighbor turned against neighbor (Linde 2). Eventually hysteria broke out (Linde 2). This happened because the colonists were afraid of the unknown (Linde 2). Witch hunters were also a part in witchcraft (Linde 5). They searched and found accused witches (Linde 5). People were often banned from colonies for witchcraft (Drett 5). There were many deaths in Salem (Notenstein 21). Twenty innocent people were executed (Notenstein 21). This happened because of fear (Notenstein 21). There were many early Christian churches that opposed witchcraft (212.net). They prosecuted many innocent people (212.net). Up to 30,000 people were put to death between 1482 and 1782 (212.net). People were often tortured to confess (212.net). Some confessed even if they were innocent (212.net). They confessed to end the torture and his/her life (212.net). There were many tests conducted to find if he/she were a witch (212.net). The first is the pricking test (212.net). Someone would poke the accused with something sharp on their skin (212.net). If they felt no pain they were a witch (212.net). The second is the water test (212.net). This is where a person was thrown into a body of water (212.net). If they sank he/she were innocent (212.net). If he/she floated they were guilty and would be put to death (212.net). Bibliography:

Drett, Frederick C. Witchcraft in the American Colonies. New York: Harvester Press , 1968. http://www1.usa1.com/ arachne/text/t.hist.htmlhttp://www.212.net/wchcrft.htmKarlson, Carol F. The Devil in the shape of a woman. New York: norton, 1987. Linde, Vander L. The Devil in Salem Village. Brookfield, Conneticut:AMS Press 1992.


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