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Programming A Vcr Essay, Research Paper



Thomas Hunter



Programming a VCR

Programming the timer on a VCR (Video Cassette Recorder) can be very easy. First you need to be able to read the remote control. Next you need to know what time and what channel the program is going to be on. After that it?s just a matter of pushing a few buttons on the remote.

With the remote control pointed at the TV, look for a button that reads program. Remotes vary, so it might be labeled menu, setup, or something like that. Push that button once. A new screen should appear on your TV.

You are now in the main menu. From here, you can set the time, the channels, change the language and program the timer for recording. Look for the setting that says Timer Program Set. Once again because VCR?s vary yours may say something else. Careful that you don?t select the Time Set. But if you do then all you should have to do is hit the Exit button or the Clear button.

Select the button that will bring you into the timer program. Here you will have to know the channel, date, the time the TV program that you want will start, and the time you want the VCR to stop recording. Enter the Channel that your program is on. If it is a single number like channel 4,then you will need to enter a zero before the number (04). Next you will have to enter the date that your show will be playing. Most VCRs will know a single digit month so just enter the day than the month. Once again if its a single digit day you may need to enter a zero in front of the number (09). Next should be the start time and end time, enter the time using the technique as stated above. You now will be able to select the play mode. You can choose from SP (Slow Play), LP (Long Play), or EP (Extended Play).

Once you confirm that all you?re setting are correct, then press the button that it tells you to confirm. You may need to turn you VCR off; so make sure you read what it tells you to do.

As you can see programming the timer on a VCR is very easy. All you have to do is read everything it tells you to do.


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