Ben Is Late Essay Research Paper Ben

Ben Is Late Essay, Research Paper

Ben is Late, based on a true recollection

Cathy Robinson

It?s eight in the morning and all the mechanics are standing in the shop ready to go to work, except Ben. There was more work then all the mechanics could do and it was going to be a very busy day.

Each mechanic chooses his work order and proceeds to the prospective units to repair the equipment. Raul was expecting Ben to help with taking the screws out of the kiln this morning. Raul is as headstrong as a spoiled child and decides not to wait on Ben. He starts working on the screws. He positions the lifting device overhead on a support beam, puts a choker around the gearbox, grasps hold of the handle of the lifting device and tightens the choker to hold it in place while he takes the bolts out.

After all the bolts were out Raul tries to pull the gearbox off the shaft of the screw. It wouldn?t budge. He needed to lift up on it at the same time. Raul doesn?t like asking for help. He prefers to appear as Superman. He thinks since he will only be four foot off the ground, he wouldn?t waste time going and getting his safety harness. He then climbs on top of the Kiln screw?s box and pulls on the handle. He uses his legs to push the gearbox off the shaft. This action seems harmless, but it didn?t work. The gearbox has the appearance of being stuck. Raul puts a little more effort behind his push and the gearbox came off, catching him off guard. He looses his footing, slips on the product lying on top of the screw box and since he wasn?t wearing his safety harness, he falls. The edge of the box is sharp and his back opens like a tuna can. Reaching around to his back he lets go of the handle, at this sequence he hits his head on a pipe, knocking him backward against the box again. Crying out in pain he lands on the iron-grating floor, scrapping his knees with a cheese grater effect.

Ben calls over the radio to Raul, asking him where he is. Raul tells Ben to get the truck and come to the Polishing Unit. Raul is waiting for Ben to come and pick him up. He wants to go see about his cuts and bruises.

While Raul is waiting, the Operations Supervisor walks up and discovers Raul sitting on the floor. Noticing he is hurt calls for assistance from the Safety Manager. The Safety Manager arrives and decides to take Raul to Industrial Medicine. Ben shows up in the truck. The Safety Manager helps Raul to the truck. He instructs Ben to take Raul to Industrial Medicine.

Ben seems afraid of driving the truck. He doesn?t go over 45 miles per hour. Ben explains to Raul he went to the eye doctor late yesterday and his eyes were still dilated and he was having a hard time focusing. By the time they arrive at Industrial Medicine, it?s lunchtime. All the doctors have left for lunch. There are nurses still in the building, but they are occupied with other patients.

After an hour the doctors start coming back from lunch and a doctor examines him. The cut has started a red streak up his back. The doctor gives him Tetanus and a penicillin shot. Raul?s arm is now so sore he can?t move it and it?s burning like the California forests. Raul was so mad at Ben for being late and not helping him, he forgets to tell the doctor he is allergic to penicillin.

Raul has to be transported to the hospital for care. He will be out of work for a few days. The doctors send Ben back to the plant. Ben is late.


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