Truth Or Fiction The JFK Assassination Essay

Truth Or Fiction: The J.F.K. Assassination Essay, Research Paper

Truth or Fiction: The J.F.K. Assassination

In a world with so many problems— crime, drugs, murder, poverty—

Americans should be able to trust in the government for help. However, it is not

safe to do so. Thus is the outcome of the Kennedy assassination. While the

government was so busy trying to convince the public that Lee Harvey Oswald

brutally murdered John F. Kennedy, they missed one important thing. The truth.

The facts. Insufficient medical and hospital procedures, suspicious incidents

during the Dallas motorcade, the impossible Magic Bullet theory, and countless

other happenings— these are not just things the American public dreamed up in

their heads. They had to begin finding the real truth on their own, for the

government had betrayed the American people.

Some of the most significant facts that hint the assassination was a

conspiracy by the government come from the hospitals where Kennedy was examined

immediately after the assassination. Dr. Charles Crenshaw, MD, who was in the

emergency room at Parkland Hospital before and during the Presidents death,

claims that the wound in Kennedys neck was much to small to be an exit wound,

and was clearly an entry wound. However, pictures taken at Bethsada Hospital

reveal a much larger neck wound than had been seen at Parkland. Apparently

someone had mangled the wound to make it appear as an exit wound. But who, and

why? Was it to support the Lone Gunman theory? If it was, it failed to do so.

Another startling piece of information was concerning Kennedys brain. When the

President was ordered out of Parkland without an autopsy, he still had a brain.

However, when it the body arrived in Bethsada, the brain had suddenly

disappeared! As if that was not mysterious enough, Dr. Crenshaw, the last person

to see Kennedys body before it was flown to Bethsada, said the body was put in a

coffin, but when it arrived at Destination B, it was in a body bag, and a

different coffin. This piece of evidence certainly proves that someone who had

been on the plane to Bethsada had fooled with Kennedys body. Also, an autopsy

would have been performed on Kennedys body by Texas law, but Secret Service

agents with guns ordered the body to leave— without an autopsy. Somebody was

trying to get the body out of the hands of the public. And fast.

Several events that occurred during and soon after the Dallas motorcade

have stirred suspicion among Americans for years. For example, during the parade

one bystander had an elliptical seizure, and was rushed off in an ambulance.

Later, it was realized that there was no record of the man coming into the

hospital. It was also said that twelve people were arrested immediately after

shots were fired, but again, there was no record that any arrests had been made.

I believe that these incidents were used as distractions to the public. Why else

would there be no records? A woman by the name of Jean Hill said she witnessed a

gunman fire from behind a picket fence on the grassy knoll. While quickly trying

to pursue the gunman, two men with Secret Service identification stopped her.

They then took her to other agents in a building overlooking the assassination

site. Later, she was severely intimidated by a Warren Commission attorney, and

was kept under surveillance by the FBI? for years after. These men were trying

their hardest to prevent Hill from informing the public of what she had

witnessed. Two hours after the assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald refused to tell

the Dallas police his real identity. With him, he carried an ID that said he was

Alek James Hidell, so the Dallas authorities were still unsure of the name of

their recently captured suspect. However, at the same time, Bureau Director J.

Edgar Hoover telephoned Attorney General Robert Kennedy with a full rundown on

Oswald. Hoover assured Kennedy that the assassin was Oswald. Here, it is obvious

that the murder was planned ahead of time— a conspiracy. There was no other

way Hoover could have known this information so quickly. Also, even after three

shots were heard coming from the book depository building, it was not sealed off

for ten minutes. Accurate security was not being provided, which allowed time

for more things to go wrong.

The government filled the publics minds with untrue stories about the

Magic Bullet and so on. One medical student at Parkland Hospital, Evalea Glanges,

was standing near the nurses station when she pointed out to another student a

bullet hole in the Presidents limousine. A Secret Service agent overheard this

and abruptly jumped into the vehicle and quickly sped away. Carl Renas, head of

security for Dearborn Division Ford Motor Company was ordered to drive the

Limousine to Cincinnati. During the drive he noticed bullet holes in the

windshield and in a chrome molding strip. In Cincinnati, the molding was

replaced with a brand new strip, and Renas was ordered by a Secret Service agent,

Keep your mouth shut. The Secret Service agents again were afraid that the truth

was going to come out.

It is very shameful that a man with so much to live for, so much to give

to America, was taken away from us. Not by accident, but by a very precisely

planned out conspiracy by whom we thought we could trust the most. But it was

missing a few links, and now, today, the facts are leaking out— one by one.


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