Blood Violence And Gore As Entertainment Essay

Blood Violence And Gore As Entertainment Essay, Research Paper

Blood, violence and gore as entertainment

The Texas Chainsaw massacre, Braineaters from outer space and

Bloodfeast are all films were the title can speak for itself. The are films were

violence, blood and gore play an important role. It is obvious that someone

has to action, but who?

Since the dawn of man people have used violence for entertainment. In

Rome they had the Colluseum, nowadays we have the cinema. Violent films

are being produced all the time, no one seems to care. Even though there

aren?t many people who are harmed from these films, there are a lot of

children who do. It is a question of separating reality and fiction, and that is a

problem for many children. After the Superman films in the 1980?s, there

were a series of children jumping off tall buildings, because they though they

were Superman. As you grow older, this doesn?t seem to be a problem any

longer, even though there have been incidents were adults have started to kill

people after watching a violent film. An example of this is the controversial

film Natural Born Killers. Over twenty people lost their lives because of this

film. In this film murder and violence are justified, and it is these films that

affect children the most.

Computer violence is a quite new phenomenon. It was introduced with

the launch of Wolfenstein in 1990. In ?Wolfenstein? you are trapped in a

maze among an army of nazis. You?ll have to kill your way out. This kind of

violence probably has a deeper influence on children, because they do the

killings themselves. It is interactive violence. In several countries the follow-

up game, Doom, was banned. The software company claimed that it didn?t

have a negative affect on children, because they killed mutants, not humans.

But is cutting up a mutant with a chainsaw good entertainment?

There is no question about it, some children and adults suffer serious

damage from watching films and playing computer games with extreme

violence. The government should take immediate action and stop the

distribution of these films and computer games. Parents must also try to gain

control over their children. That is the only way we can stop the



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