Creation Of Eliza Essay Research Paper PygmalionShawBernardPygmalion

Creation Of Eliza Essay, Research Paper

PygmalionShaw,Bernard.Pygmalion. Creation of Eliza can be viewed from two completely different angles dependent on if you look at Eliza’s side or Professor Higgins side. Beginning with Eliza we see that she was a poor flower girl who sold penny bunches to afford a living. Her living accommodations were described as shabby room with a bed heaped with all sorts of coverings that may have some warmth value, a packing case with a basin and jug on it, a looking glass, unused fireplace, and an oil lamp with a penny slot meter. Eliza’s rent was four shillings a week and the oil lamp required pennies to supply light for a period of time. The poverty level Eliza lived in was low and when offered a chance to learn to properly speak and be passed off as the Queen of Sheba she had much to think about. Eliza took the money she earned that night and took a cab home, imaging she had much to contemplate after the discussions she was involved in. Eliza showed up the next morning at Professors Higgen’s house to take him up on the challenging offer. Upon arrival the scene was set and described as to where Eliza fit into the living and training situation. It all began with a proper bath, something Eliza never had, as she was reluctant to having all of her clothes off at one time. Eliza kept her insistence of her identity and her morals, as “she is not that type of girl” and should not be treated in such ways. After the proper bath Eliza began her training as a phonic student. Throughout the story Eliza was seen to be very tolerant of the treatment she received and could be described as grateful for this. She helped with some normal household duties and developed herself through strict perseverance. Upon her first social visit it was clear to Eliza and the others that more work was required in transforming her into the “Queen” as promised by Professor Higgins. After much more intense work Eliza was passed off as the educated princess. In Eliza eyes this is much because she worked diligently at this and proved she could change herself.

From the standpoint of Professor Higgins we must take a completely different look. Here is the individual that has committed his time, his house, and other funds to provide for this “student” whom he has taken from the level of poverty to a level of the princess. From the onset it was seen that the Professor had a great knowledge and command of the English language and through due diligence could teach it to any individual. Through this great focus of his and time spent the transformation began. Professor Higgins can best be described as an individual who has difficulty in normal everyday dealings with other individuals as he is always analyzing them and trying to place them within the society. This analysis is very uncomfortable to the receiver and also places Higgins in an area where he cannot hold the normal conversational discussions that society expects. The transformation of Eliza was more of a game or challenge to him of which he focused his energy on. Throughout the story it was seen that he had little respect for Eliza as a person and continued to center on the transformation. It was when he finally succeeded in passing her off as royalty that he was faced with a situation that he did not prepare for, what to do next. I would believe both Eliza and Professor Higgens created Eliza as both had to focus their energy and diligence to succeed in transforming her.


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