Responses To Aggression In Man Essay Research

Responses To Aggression In Man Essay, Research Paper


The instinctive aggression does not means that it is related either to the Darwinian theories or genetically heritable. But it definitely is seen in particular stage of social development. This development does not mean the positive development but it means the wrong education that we inherited from our ancestors, which I have mentioned before. Moreover I do believe and agree with the idea of the organised behavioural system since some people apply this aggression as a character. Lastly what I can say about the development of aggression referring to this text is if there is no demonstration of aggression in one?s environment the aggression in him cannot be developed any way. So it is developed by learning and inherited by genes.

My final response to Chapter 3 is that male domination society makes the man be more aggressive rather than woman. Besides the female are born not to struggle with hard conditions of life but to take care of her family. And that is why we see that men are more active in aggression. However one thing we should not ignore is the female can be more aggressive than the male when her family is under attack or risk. The human nature is due to change through the conditions of life and therefore the aggression, which we inherited from our ancestors by learning not by our blood, is having a wider place in our lives. So this means it develop more each year since no one has done a real and effective precaution about it.


The aggression in animals does not show anything about the aggression in humans because the aggression in animals is directly connected to their instincts. They can not think or decide. They do what their instincts tell them to do and this is the main fact, which differs them from us. There are some common points between the humans and the animals since we share the same world and we share the same life with them. So let there be this much in common between us but please do not relate it to us.

Secondly I can say that sex differences and hormones really do have a particular role in the aggression of animals. This is not hard to see or understand, in some of the animals such as the rats, which are mentioned in the text the female of these animals are more aggressive rather than the male one. Then we should think that the instinct of protecting her environment from the external dangers. But sometimes the male animals are observed to be more aggressive rather than the female. So this means that not only one gender has the instinct of aggression. But this is only for necessity because the animals do not kill if they are not hungry or defending their families.


To this 4th Chapter I can say that the environment of the animals has a great effect on their behaviours as I have mentioned before. If the environment is calm and every member of the society is in secure then the aggression in that society is not normal. However if there is a certain continuous threat to their lives, food or place than the aggression is quite normal and this aggression is the most usual among the animals. Just as our aggression neither social status nor the hormones do not cause us to be aggressive more than normal degrees. But as it is mentioned in the text some external chemicals and internal disturbances can make us and also the animals be more aggressive.

My response to the conclusion of Chapter 4 is that these studies which made on animals can be really reliable, however as I have mentioned before this never means that we as humans evolved from them. So the common world we share, the common life we live and most importantly the common god we have made us to have something in common with each other. So the similar reaction to the same effects is very normal.


Finally the book and we came to the point which I have been supporting from the beginning of my responses. This time the individual aggression is the subject and it seems like some of the scientists and theorists have overcome the stupid evolution theory. In this chapter we see that the human aggression which is more than an instinct does vary and has a developmental pattern. From this point we can easily say that not the instincts but the behaviours which are gained in time by the effects of environment guide our aggressions.

Up to this point we discussed almost all probabilities of how aggressions occur and what are they made of. The origins are given and I have mentioned and informed directly what I feel about them. Mostly I oppose to the stupid and unfaithful theories and ideas. In this 5th chapter the idea of the source of aggression is human is given in the introduction however after a short while the text leads you to the theories of sick man Sigmund Freud. In the 6th chapter which I have summarised and hand in but I will not have the opportunity to respond, there are plenty of stupid and also some logical ideas which I would like to dwell upon. All the theories like Freud?s psychoanalytic theories and the other naturalistic theories which is again dwelling on evolution and also Lorenz?s theory of instinctual energy, have some logical and some not logical ideas. Most of them are not logical. For instance think of Freud?s theory which says that the death instinct is turned outwards which is really logical. No body would like to die so the defence of self emerges an aggression however neither Lorenz?s nor naturalists theory does not have any


logical explanation which is about the human psychology and also related to the creation. The one which I believe in.


The frustration-aggression hypothesis as it is also mentioned in the book is not a reliable idea. Because the human nature and physiology is much more complicated than anyone can solve. The only being who can do this is only the creator whom created us. So the aggression is given in two senses for evil purposes which is totally ill minded way and the defending purposes which is against these evil purposes this is so simple as it is. So the complicated theories and complicated researches will not help to solve this problem. First the man has to learn how to educate himself than his environment.

Finally, one of the ideas at the end of this chapter really made me content for a little bit since it says the psychological factors are demonstrated and from this point the children?s aggression is due to their leaning of aggression. The family influences is another point which is totally right since the children sea the behaviours of their family and this have a great influence on them and the aggression is passed to the children and when he grows up he passes it to his children and this is the main fact which I have said repeatedly from the beginning of my responses. Before I conclude I have to say that the idea of Freud?s about the libido which is the source of the aggression that it is not true. Sexual desires which is libido may lead you to do some mistakes but this does not bring aggression all the time. If it would then there would not be the voyeurism but only rape.


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