Democracy Essay Research Paper The Struggle For

Democracy Essay, Research Paper

The Struggle For Democracy:

Chapter One: Democracy and American Politics.

The idea of a democracy has become a tremendous part of people?s lives. It is a system that is basically ruled by the people. In the first chapter of the textbook ?The struggle for Democracy?, we learn about the many ideas and views of a democratic society. The people and the United States have evolved significantly throughout the years. For example, the early 1900?s was a difficult time for African Americans. They struggled intensively to gain the right to vote. However, African Americans and women eventually gained that right. The once high standards have changed slowly from the past. Many people have the ability to vote now; however, many still do not. It is a question of why they do not that is left unanswered.

The democracy is a system that received its many ideas from the ancient Greeks. The created the idea of a country that is ruled by the people for the people. Even though it has been difficult for some to accept the idea of a country ruled by many, it is an idea that is still used. People believed that a position to rule should be given to someone qualified. However, one ruler can cause conflict concerning abuse of power. This is how the idea o representatives came about. A representative in each state that could still be a part of the government. The United States alone would be merely impossible to govern face to face. Thus, the representative democracy then allowed everyone to be involved with the country and it?s governing system.

There are three essential elements to a democracy. The first is popular sovereignty, which is basically what the people want. It is a system that gives the people what they want. The government goes in favor of the ideas that are most popular. The next element would be political equality. This is so that everyone has a fair chare of voting rights. Everything needs to be equal in order to create a fair government. However, there is much to be said about what is equal today, and what still is not. The third element is Political Liberty. This idea is based on a free mind. The people have the freedom to have their own ideas, view and opinions. This is what builds up a democracy. It is country that is able to stand strong with a system participated by the people.

There are many questions about how the country runs and how the political system works. There are many answers but still much to learn. The political system is a system that was built up from all the events from the past. Everything that happened created the country the way it is today. The political system has relation from the public to the media. There are influences that helped the country to grow, and some to weaken.

I believe the past is a place that I could not live in. That may be a biased thing to say but everyone has their own opinion. This country has come a long way from the past. The democracy, in my opinion, is always still in the works. It is an effective way to run the country but there are still parts of it missing. Abraham Lincoln believed in a country ruled by the people for the people. It seems only reasonable because people should live in a country that they are happy to live in. When we as the people are able to vote and make our own choices, a country of diversity and open mind ness is created. Everything in the political world is still a big question for me. It?s a complicated system that just happens to work.


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