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The Evangelical Free Church of America is a protestant church that dates back to

the 17th century. Its liberal beliefs, international missions and personal relationships

among congregations make this church one of the most community affiliated and yet

closely knit churches in America. The Evangelical Free Church of America is an

association of some 1250 churches united by a mutual commitment to serve our Lord

Jesus Christ. They are committed to cooperate with one another in ministry and

fellowship as they seek to fulfill the word of God. The growing ministry of the EFCA

currently extends to some 40 nations of the world, now encompassing nearly 1400

additional congregations.

The Evangelical Free Church of America was formed in 1950 by the merger of

two church bodies: the Swedish Evangelical Free Church and the Norwegian-Danish

Evangelical Free Church Association. Both of these groups were birthed in the revival

movements of the late 19th century. John Gustaff Princell was the first man to introduce

this religion to the United States in 1893.

Th Evangelical Free Church of America has twelve specific beliefs that govern

and are applied to everyday life. They are:

1. The Scriptures, both Old and New Testaments, to be the inspired Word of God,

without error in the original writings, the complete revelation of His will for the

salvation of men and the Divine and final authority for Christian faith and life.

2. In one God, Creator of all things, infinitely perfect and eternally existing in three

persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

3. That Jesus Christ is true God and true man, having been conceived of the Holy Spirit

and born of the Virgin Mary. He died on the cross, a sacrifice for our sins according to

the Scriptures. Further, He arose bodily from the dead, ascended into heaven, where, at

the right hand of the Majesty on High, He is now our High Priest and Advocate.

4. That the ministry of the Holy Spirit is to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and, during this

age, to convict men, regenerate the believing sinner, and indwell, guide, instruct and

empower the believer for godly living and service.

5. That man was created in the image of God but fell into sin and is, therefore, lost, and

only through regeneration by the Holy Spirit can salvation and spiritual life be


6. That the shed blood of Jesus Christ and His resurrection provide the only ground for

justification and salvation for all who believe, and only such as receive Jesus Christ are

born of the Holy Spirit and, thus become children of God.

7. That water baptism and the Lord’s Supper are ordinances to be observed by the Church

during the present age. They are, however, not to be regarded as means of salvation.

8. That the true Church is composed of all such persons who through saving faith in Jesus

Christ have been regenerated by the Holy Spirit and are united together in the Body of

Christ of which He is the Head.

9. That only those who are, thus, members of the true Church shall be eligible for

membership in the local church.

10. That Jesus Christ is the Lord and Head of the Church and that every local church has

the right, under Christ, to decide and govern its own affairs.

11. In the personal premillennial and imminent coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and that

this “Blessed Hope” has a vital bearing on the personal life and service of the


12. In the bodily resurrection of the dead; of the believer to everlasting blessedness and

joy with the Lord; of the unbeliever to judgment and everlasting conscious


The Evangelical Free Church has no specific creed but each member have faith that all

believers are destined for heaven. Evangelists do not believe in purgatory but do believe

that any non-believers will be sentenced to judgement and everlasting punishment.

One thing that interested me was that the Evangelists do not believe in divorce and if the

?sinner? or ?guilty? person continues to continue divorce procedures they will need to

repent and take steps toward reconciliation. If the divorce was rendered on unbiblical

grounds, then they are commanded not to further sin by remarrying but if the divorce is

biblical, the spouse is completely free from the marriage bond and is eligible for

remarriage. Members of this church also highly dislike sex before marriage and adultery.

They consider these acts to be immoral. Evangelists deem that those who have broken

the sacred bond of marriage and have participated in premarital sex should evidence

genuine brokeneness before God for their sin and pay a humble gratefulness and devotion

to God for his forgiveness.

Services at the Oakwood Community Church are held on Sunday at 8:10am and

10:30am. A typical service at this church is nothing like the masses that I have grown

accustomed to. These services are non-liturgical ?celebrations? of God. Each service is

very musical and sometimes includes dramatic interpretations of God in everyday life.

The singing and acting are usually followed by the pastors message, quiet reflection and

closing prayers. The church services go hand and hand with the church?s physical

appearance, both are comfortable and serene and not at all superficial or elaborate. Upon

entering the church I was surprised to find that there was no altar or main focal point.

Also no pews, candles or crosses were found within the church walls. What I did find on

the church walls were banners promoting faith in Christ which were tastefully accented

by the church?s natural lighting. The Evangelical Free church members believe in the

sacraments that are stated in the bible such as Baptism and the Lord?s Supper but they do

not think that the sacraments are required for salvation. Someone may become baptized

at any point of their life if they wish to do so, but ordinarily they dedicate their children

into the faith. This religion also stresses the sacraments as ordinances being observed not

as being reenacted.

The Evangelical Free church has no designated hierarchy but instead is an

association of autonomous churches that are bound together through common beliefs.

Each church does have a board of members who work closely with pastors as well as

deacons. This board of elders decides who will become a member of the congregation

but it is up to the people to decide on the pastors and deacons. The EFCA headquarters

are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota to bring churches together, fund mission trips and

hold nation wide conventions on behalf of the shared religious convictions.

The Evangelical Free Church of America has a strong involvement in the

community . Not much is offered for the elderly, do to such a small congregation but

future plans are in progress. The church does offer youth programs and support groups

for adults. These support groups consist of meetings for addictions of any kind,

parenting educational classes and enrichment classes. Each year the youth group goes to

a 3rd world country as missionaries to spread the word of God and build Evangelical Free

churches throughout the countries. The church also has seasonal festivities to bring

families closer together and stress the importance of family bonding.

The unusual or interesting facts that I found where that the pastor did not give

baptism with water, no crosses or candles where present in church because they don?t

want to be praying to symbols, drama is incorporated with church lighting, and musical

instruments were all around the church.

In conclusion, I found this church and its beliefs very refreshing in its practices

and in the way they spread the word of God and rejoyce in their practice of His word.

Particularly traveling abroad to spread His Word in new countries, which undoubtedly

will also strenghten the beliefs of the traveling members of the Ministry, by the many

enlighting experiences they will encounter in their trips. It was also rewarding to realize

that although many of their practices, ordinances and symbols, or lack of such, were

drastically different, even contrasting to the Catholic beliefs, the basic values of family,

marriage, faith and most importantly God and Jesus Christ as our savior still remain the

main focus of every Protestant church, thus showing us that our faith can be expressed or

interpreted slightly different by religions, but it ultimaly reaches the same harmonious


Divorces and Remarriage. Biblical Conviction of Pastor-Teacher Paul B. Phair.

Phair, Paul B. Personal Interview. 8 March 2000.

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