Jacksonian Era Essay Research Paper To hungry

Jacksonian Era Essay, Research Paper

To hungry insects, the Ladybug looks to be a beautiful meal, but once

they bite inside they are sure to find a strong poison which is displeasing to

the mouth. At first glance, the newly established America was a stronghold

of wealth and prosperity. If one was to look past the shiny exterior, it would

show a country full of strong political differences that were not pleasing to

the eye. In front of it all, was the Jacksonian party-later called the

Democrats- whose potent political views shown bright in the midst of the

fight of America’s political power battle. The Jacksonians strived for equally

to all men; therefore, they dedicated their lives the achieving equality and

political justice.

To begin with, the Jacksonians believed that they should not be

submissive to the richer classes. They stated that all men were created

equal and that all men should be treated with the equivalent respect. ” We

hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal.” It was

conceived that the wealthy landowners should not be allowed to dominate

the Government power. It was not always that the wealthy men were the

wise men. Many small farmers and business men were more highly

educated than the wealthy. The Jacksonians believed that the Government

should be run in a fashion that was upheld by intelligence, not material

wealth. The Jacksonians views were equally based on the fact that everyone

is entitled to individual liberty. No one man could be treated any higher or

lower because of common wealth. They believed that the common people

were better off with learned people in office, not wealthy people with no

political background. These beliefs were showcased in the issued of

renewing the Bank of the United States.

Seemingly, Jackson and his Jacksonians believed that the Bank of

the United States was beginning to become a monopoly. There were more

foreign stocks held in the Bank then were American stocks. This led to the

ideal that the Bank was being controlled by people outside of the country

who, in reality, had no driving force to uphold the Government’s financial

situation. Also, the Bank was beginning to have say in the way the laws were

being made, and the Jacksonians saw this as a way of the Bank slowly

taking control of the Government. This would be a reinstatement of their

belief that the wealthy were in control of America.

Next, Jackson’s interest in the western settlement and his feelings as

a former Indian fighter led to his policy of removing all eastern Indian tribes

to lands beyond the Mississippi River, under the Indian Removal Act of 1830.

Although the Supreme Court tried to prevent the state of Georgia from

expelling the Cherokees in 1832, Jackson would not enforce the court’s

decision. The removal policy was popular with white settlers who acquired

the valuable land, but it proved tragic for thousands of Indians. This Trail of

Tears was backed by the Jacksonians who looked upon the expansion as a

way to not only acquire land, but to show others that Jackson’s laws should

not be tampered with. They believed their political views did not stand to be


Meanwhile, other spectators saw America as a clean-cut place where

there were a few political problems. People seemed to see America as a

place ran by people who were educated and doing actions which showed

their devotion to the country. The Jacksonians on the other hand, saw to

Government as fake and not being able to back up their promises.

Corporations and business owners were taking away from the peace of the

people. In Charles River Bridge v. Warren Bridge, the large business owners

were trying to upscale their company, while the rest of the community

suffered. The Jacksonian, believing that everyone is equal, fought that the

bridge should kept public for the people, so that they would not have to pay

a toll charge. Again the Jacksonians were looking out for the good of the


Furthermore, the Jacksonian party strived for equality to all

mankind. Their to preserve this equality did not go unnoticed. With the

President on their side, there was no stopping them. Their party grew to be

a strong, active alliance rooting in the benefit of not only improving their

living conditions, but others as well. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of

Happiness was implanted into the minds of the Jacksonians. This party is

now the Democrat party.


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