Should All Men Have To Pay Child

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Should All Men Have To Pay Child Support

I have been watching the television lately, and all they have been talking about how they are arresting many dads. The reason behind the arrest is over due child support. Now is that right? Most people would say yes I feel there is many circumstances. Why should a man pay child support if he told the women he didn t want to have a kid? If you really think about it men really have no choice when it comes to the pregnancy. Whatever the women wants she gets no matter what the man says.

See I am a woman and I think it is unfair. When a women decides she doesn t want the child she can get an abortion even if the father of the child says he wants the kid and he promises to have all of the responsibility it doesn t matter. Because if the women doesn t want it she just aborts it anyway. Now if a woman gets pregnant and wants to keep the baby and the father of the baby doesn t want it. The girl still has it and the father of the baby can t do one little think about it. Is that fair?

So I have been thinking of many ways that could help the situation. For both the man and the women. I think the best way at it is when the women finds out that she is pregnant and tells the father of the baby. If he says he doesn t want the baby then he should sign a form stating that he doesn t want to deal with the child. Therefore telling the women if she has the child then it is her responsibility by herself. Because what is happening a lot is the mother of the child says she can handle raising a child on her own. Then she really realizes that it was much harder then she thought, then sues the father of the baby for money. The father gets angry and tells her that he won t pay her since he told her at the beginning. But if they go to court she will win.

This really makes me think, but I feel that it is only fair to give the fathers some option. Why is it okay to ruin two lives when you don t have to? When a girl gets pregnant if she feels that it is going to ruin her life she give the baby up for adoption or she just gets an abortion. But if the girl wants the child and the father can not handle it what is it okay to ruin his life. Many people well say well they should have been careful, but really no matter how careful you are something can always happen. And what just because the women has to carry it therefore he has no say in the child s life. I feel that a guy can t make a girl get ride of it but he has a right of taking care of it. I also feel the girl can t get an abortion if the guy is willing to raise the child. And if a girl is going to get an abortion there needs to be a signature from both the mother and the father of the baby.

See now on the other hand if the girl gets pregnant and they both decide to take care of the child then the guy later says he doesn t want to deal with the responcibility then it is to late. He should have to pay then. There is so many ways around this issue and I know many people have different opinions but there really isn t a right or wrong answer it should be as much responsibility of choosing the fate of the infant for the man as well as the women. People should really open their eyes because it is the 90s and men should have a right in the child s life. Just because the women carries the baby both the man and the women created it.


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