Perception Of Driveing Men

& Women Essay, Research Paper

Perception of Driveing Men & Women

I believe that driving patterns differ in both men and women because their thought patterns are contradictory.

My sister recently bought a nineteen eighty-four Camaro, and was added to my parent’s insurance, after having her first wreck. Her insurance is somehow significantly lower than my own when I began driving. She and I got into an argument about male and female driving differences, and this is what I found: It s a proven scientific fact that men and women perceive, as well as process things differently because their brains work in opposite directions. Statistically men are more right brained and women are more left brained.

The left side of the brain is the side that is more verbal, detail-oriented, and sorting. On the other hand, the right side is the spatial intuitive nonverbal side. Now that I ve thoroughly confused you, and you’re asking what in the world is my point, I’ll explain. Stereotypically, your average heterosexual female is more left brained which as I said before makes her more verbal, and detail-oriented. So, stereotypically would your average female be a better driver?

Keep in mind I said your average heterosexual male is more intuitive, less likely to talk about it and more likely to take action. The right side of your brain is naturally run on intuition. So, stereotypically would your average male be a better driver?

Intuition is defined (Oxford, 1980, s.v. Intuition ) as the power of knowing or understanding something immediately without reason or being taught. So our average male when driving runs on pure instinct. He doesn t stop to think he acts quickly with what comes naturally to his mind. However, our average female is more thought provoked, more likely to stop and consider the consequences of a situation. When she drives she consciously contemplates every available situation.

So, who is the better driver? You re average stereotypical heterosexual male, or female? Actually, in my opinion they re equal. Stereotypically you can t say that all males are terrible drivers even if scientific evidence says that they run almost completely on intuition. If an average male is put into a situation where there is no time to mull over each possibility he will make the decision based on what comes natural to him. He doesn t stop his every physical action and scream at himself uncontrollably WHAT DO I DO!?

He acts as rational as his instincts allow him. His spatial capabilities also help him when it comes to an emergency in the driver s seat. If he must move his hands and feet to get the job done he is more likely to succeed.

Stereotypically you can t say that all females are terrible drivers simply because when in doubt they stop what they re doing to contemplate all the possible actions that can be taken. If a female is put in a situation where there are several options to take, she will stop and think, Which one will be more beneficial to me in the long run? Whereas a male might just take the easiest route.

The right side of the brain is connected with unhappiness. Therefore someone who is more right brained may get angry in situations that call for a different response. This may cause bad decisions when driving (i.e. ROAD RAGE!) However the left side of the brain is connected with happiness as well as all emotion. So someone who is more left brained may freak out a lot easier than a right brained person. It may cause unnecessary mistakes in a stressful situation (i.e. Cry and blind themselves, take their hands off of the wheel in a panic, etc.).

Personally, I think that men and women s driving abilities equal out. Different brain patterns cause different thought patterns, which cause different decisions. Depending on the situation you decide what s right and wrong for you.

Another important virtue in the world of opposite sex driving is sense of direction. Males and females have very different senses of direction. Statistically, males have a better sense of direction. However, when lost a female is more apt to stop and ask for directions. Studies show that males think more in road numbers and can read a map with more ease than a female. However, females look for landmarks and street names. Females will easily find a place if she is given very apparent landmarks and correct spellings of street names. Males will find a place with ease if you equip him with a road ready updated map and route numbers to follow.

In my personal opinion I believe that women and men (or right and left brained people) are equal when it comes to driving. There is no better sex in comparison in the driver s seat. One s mistakes compensate for the others and so on. However, the situation may be tricky when it comes to comparing driving skills. If a male is 32 years of age, has been driving responsibly since he was 16, and has only received two tickets in his career as a driver; versus a female who is 22 years of age and has received no tickets and has a spotless driving record. I would automatically assume the male was a better driver. Simply because he has had more experience driving, and experience is what makes all the difference.


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