Media Portrayal On Youth Women Minorities Essay

Media Portrayal On Youth, Women Minorities Essay, Research Paper

Media: and its? influence on

Women youth and minorities

Mankind has now reached the time where Television and the Media has become one of the most influential resources, which all people frequently use in their everyday lives. With at least one television present in each household in America, families have incorporated all that television brings to the public into the privacy of our homes. Though the concept of ?Television? is still fairly new, Media has been in existence dating back to biblical times. Aware of its? indescribable power, many have used the Media and its resources to promote individuals personal propagandas?, and to bring forth issues and concerns that the government would like the general public to focus on. While the Media has been used to dramatize the struggles of different groups, in order for the public to see how much discrimination groups was forced to experience (Civil Rights Movement). The Media has also been used to discriminate on other types of groups. It is known that Television and the Media has greatly impacted the lives? of people?s in the 20th Century. How the public interprets the information that is given, can affect individuals? views and outlook on society. That is why it is important to explore how the media has portrayed different types of groups, and in what ways has it affected the lives that people live today.

By examining how the Media has portrayed Women, we might be able to find how certain outlooks? and generalizations in our society have come to be. The story of ?Adam & Eve,? as it was written in the bible, revealed that Eve was the first to give into temptation by tasting the forbidden apple, which GOD strictly forbade them to touch. Through out History, it was very hard to find many instances that would show Women in a more positive light. Instead I have encountered many instances where the women were mainly seen as an object, and less valuable or equal compared to the Men. Though I grew up in a female dominant household, one should expect that I would acquire positive images concerning women. In fact as a young male I somewhat can?t consider women as equals, nor do I feel Females and Males would ever be considered equal in our society?s eye. Not clearly sure why I don?t consider women as equals, I have gained an outlook which generalizes women as emotional driven, weak, untrustworthy human beings.

Through out all of my years as a young person, I have dealt with certain views that the media has concerning ?Youth.? I have often experienced first hand, the discrimination due to the many irrational generalizations made by the Media. Some of them portray Youth as a nuisance, little immature kids who think they know everything, lazy, rebellious, troublemaking kids. As a young person I was often made to feel that my opinion doesn?t really count, and when I do build up enough guts to voice opinions to the public, it seemed that my opinions wasn?t taken seriously. I feel the main reason why so many people have similar views concerning Youth, is that I rarely see any positive images that has an ability to empower our lives. Instead I see headlines stating how many people a young person just killed, the rising rates of young people dropping out of school, or how we refuse to listen and respect our authorities.

The Society views People of Color, Women, & Youth as the Minority, even though it is clear that based on population and numbers, the Minorities actually become the Majority. Though the Media can provide valuable information that is needed to stay alert with the current events, it often provides a one-sided outlook on many controversial issues, and doesn?t represent the different types of people that watch Television every day. This is due to the fact that most if not all of the top network executives are middle aged white males, who clearly decides what information shall go on the air, and in what ways shall the information be sent.

As we mark an end to a century where our society has created many different ways to make sure that information is available to the public. It has impacted the lives of all that has at one point in their lives watched televison. From a minorities? perspective, all I see when I watch Television and the news, is how the White People have done great things for the advancement of Mankind, and that Minority groups are law-breaking, uncivilized human beings. To ensure that our future generations aren?t exposed to these times. A lot has to be done to diminish all of the inaccurate negative depictions of any group, and to ensure that more people of color are put on television. It is vital that ?Minorities? must get involved in changing how the media portrays them, by supplying positive images that would break many of the generalizations and stereotypes many often hold about others. It is known that the Media possess an innumerable amount power, though it can be used for positive things. I don?t feel the Media is currently doing so, solely on the basis that the people who are making the decisions what gets to go on the air, is the same people whom for centuries has oppressed, brutalized and manipulated the Minorities.


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