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Internet Advertising Essay Research Paper Internet AdvertisingInternet

Internet Advertising Essay, Research Paper

Internet Advertising

Internet Advertising is the way of the future and it is very evident since many companies and businesses have their own web sites and advertisements are located all over the World Wide Web. The Internet or World Wide Web is quickly becoming the most effective way for a business to advertise their products or services to customers. Web sites such as search engines or small sites that sell advertisement space for sponsoring are profiting highly from the increase of advertising on the Internet. Also contributing to the profit of businesses is the fact that the number of people that have access to the internet is growing as well as internet services which will allow potential customers to view these advertisements. Internet advertising is rapidly growing and advertisements will become more apparent in our Internet usage.

When advertising on the Internet, it is both the businesses as well as sites like search engines that profit. In 1995 when the Internet was not as highly recognized as is today, advertising totaled US$312 million. It is estimated that in the year 2000, advertising spending will increase to $5 billion and this money will go to search engines or smaller web sites that are allowing companies and businesses space to advertise their product or service. Businesses will profit from the use of Internet advertising because it is much cheaper and is more effective when compared to standard advertising. Larger firms can also sponsor smaller web sites which may be trying to pay service charges for maintaining their site by allowing larger businesses to pay to advertise their product or service on the smaller firm s web site. Internet advertising is less expensive compared to direct advertising which creates more profit for advertisers and businesses.

When compared with advertising in magazines or on television, Internet advertising is far more beneficial and less expensive. Smaller businesses should take into consideration, the Internet advertising campaign because it is less expensive, more interactive, and easier to track and target than other advertising methods. Studies have also shown that awareness of participating brands increased 5%, on average. In addition, 49% of the study participants said they recalled seeing a tested advertising banner on a particular site. Current click-through rates average about 20% better than other direct-marketing methods (click-through: the action of following a hyper link within an advertisement). Another advantage of internet advertising over direct or local advertising is the fact that it is global and the advertiser is allowed to advertise to the whole world making the advertising more effective and beneficial. Banners advertising the business or its goods and services would be placed on…

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